Anyone Sign into PSN today ??

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by lgnd-bev, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Hi, I am having trouble signing into PSN ! I have reset my wireless etc and I tested the connection...When I try to sign in it says "An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PlayStationNetwork. (8001050F).
    When i tested it, it said - Playstaion Network = Failed.

    Anyone got any ideas on what this could be :?

    I also tried to make another account to see if it was just my PSN but even that failed on the same bit...
  2. i had this the other week, i believe it was down for a reason try again later or tomorrow i'm sure it will be back up
  3. apparently it's happening to most people with the old models and sony are working on fixing it.
  4. Just about to say that lol...Aparently it has been going on for quite some time, and sony are working on it, and its the older versions its happening to. Even though mines is a year old !
  5. LOL seems like everyone is about to kill them selfs cause they cant get on :p ! owell least i know im not the only one !
  6. :cry: " dont worry, he will never get a Wii." made me laugh LOL :p
  7. Yeah I have the same problem. I cant play the PSN games either that I have downloaded. Check out the playstation blog (google it) that generally keeps you up to date with all things playstation-y
  8. The problem appears to be that for some reason the older PS3 think this year is a leap year so the date are getting screwed up when it turned 1st March! As has been said, Sony are working on a fix and their advice is not go onto the PSN until the fix has been released.
  9. Now fixed according to the news this morning.
  10. Seemed to be working as of midnight last night, had to do an internet time update to sync PSN and my machine. No idea if it has affected any of my games or rankings.
  11. I am online, but what about those that are not, how do they update their system?