Anyone served with 50 Missile, Minden?

I only ask as I am trying to track down a print that I saw a few years ago in a Mess.   It is of 50 Missile Regt on exercise with Lance Missile and launcher ready to go.   The setting is in a German farm yard.   I would like to know if any copies of this print remain for sale in any PRI shops?   Any one know?
I think there's a hangar load of them in a secure compound in the woods near Menden.

They were so precious at the time, we had to stag on and guard them for weeks on end.

Really good for retention that was ::)
So that is what you did when not on exercise.   Only visited Menden a couple of times, on the way through to Luxemberg.
I have a copy of this picture on my office wall. Have you visited the 50 missile webb page they may still have some for sale send me your e mail address and I will forward the webb page to you. 50 missile was in Menden not Minden

Sorry for the late post, but I'm a nig at this ARRSE banditry.

I was at Menden. Notionally, at least. Spent most of my time on Snow Queen or biffing pretty Dutch girls in Eindhoven. Kicked a few arses on the athletics track too.

Most memorable bunch of blokes I've ever encountered. All sportsmen and complete rogues. Bet there's some out there...
I used to go to the 50 miserable parties with those gopping nurses from Iserlohn (er, am I allowed to say that in these PC days...?).

Also had to guard that bloody compound with those stoned US blokes; p.s. why didn't 50 Msl guard their own warheads - I'm sure they were all filled with sand anyway.

Also spent three days under hard cover in the Hee-brides waiting as 50 Msl did a Saturn 5-type countdown for their one missile practice per decade. At "0" there was a puff of smoke and it was gone - what an anticlimax...

Was present when a 50 Msl carrier was used to convey HM on Her review of the Gunners in Napier barracks, Dortmund. Pity that, after five days of lining up the regiments, the msl carrier drove round the parade at about 30 mph with HM clinging white-knuckled to the back, finishing the whole review in about 5 minutes...
Well I did Snowqueen and spent all my time in a tracksuit, did an exercise, got lost as never been further that an 800m track, and got barred from the only two pubs on the heebs
and stretched around the waist, its the one they made me buy at Woolwich in 83, don't part with nowt me

That snazzy blue and red nylon slghtly flared make ur balls sweat version
My next door neighbour did in the sixties. For 6 years, got to the rank of Bombardier, then got out
I was in 8th Queen’s Fusiliers (V) who were the escort and protection battalion for 50 Missile back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Each of our rifle sections had a 3/4 tonner and were designed to operate with a high level of autonomy. We were told that if the balloon went up 50 Missile were the top target for 13 Shock Army and so would constantly be moving to a new location about every 15 hours or so. In 1990 we went to Germany to practise our role at annual camp with 50 Missile. My sub unit deployed to a large sawmill where 50 Missiles RHQ was based. We sat around at fairly high readiness waiting to crash out to another location when we witnessed a row of 9’ x 9’ tents being erected along side one of the buildings. These were subsequently signposted as follows: ‘CO’; ‘2iC’; ‘Adjt’; ‘RSM’ etc. - each tent was then provided with one of those American folding cots and a small G1098 floor mat and one of those old grey metal bedside lockers. A little later a gunner came round and asked if we wanted any power -he duly provided cables with power sockets. If I remember rightly the only thing we could plug in was an electric razor. The cookhouse was a number of 12’ x 12’ tents joined together with trestle tables and benches. The general vibe was we ain’t moving anywhere for some time let alone every 15 hours. We spent 6 days in the same location, the highlight being a trip to a local swimming pool a few minutes walk down the hill which were allowed to visit.
Can i get a print of the Poison dwarfs?
Trying to track down Dave Stroud. He was SMiS of 50 Msl Regt in the late 80s. Does anybody know his where abouts please?
I was Signals attached and knew Dave quite well. I was told last year by one of the HQ Bty who served with Dave and I that he sadly died in the early 2000's
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