anyone served in afghanistan please?

..ask him for a photo - If he had a beard and a turban, he might be a wrongun!
If he is texting you from Afghanistan then his phone records will be intercepted by ISI, and will show he is contacting you. Lots of smellly Pashtuns are probably winging their way to your front door to cut your head off with a Kitchen Devil bread-knife.

Hope it was worth the cock pic.


I was actually asking a sensible question, and would have preferred a sensible reply. Not sure what it says about you that you feel you had to be so childish.
For fear of being sensible...

There is a system which allows you to send texts from the laptops but the recipient cant reply to. Only saw a few of the terminals when I was there in 2008 but they do exist. Got the impression they were a navy thing (no idea why just had that feeling). Usually found in more remote places where there was no internet access. The system also allows you to send telegram type letters also.
I'm in a similar position, I know someone in Bastion, haven't had any texts and was told he couldn't take his phone, still there's land lines, MSN, facebook chat, E-mails and the good old E-bluey. I find E-mails the best because they can pick them up in their down time and not be tied to a computer with IM.
If he's got access to an internet terminal you can also send text messages to mobiles online. Why don't you just ring the number back and then check your next bill? How about asking for his address in theatre so that you can write to him?


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Just wandered past this thread, pretty sure the bloke with the Reg tat didn't even pass out of depot, got thrown out after a couple of months. Someone correct me if I'm wrong?
wah? or a wind up? one of the two, i get so confused...


wah? or a wind up? one of the two, i get so confused...
I haven't got a clue what the thread is about! Reading it on my ipodfonedroid, there are only post showing from the Post Locked bit! Just saw the pic of Reg boy not and it rang a bell!

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