Anyone serve with 29 sigs/229 sig sqn?

Best posting i ever had when serving, anyone have any memories/stories?
I served from Sep 85- Sep 87 in Radio troop.
I was there from 1991 to 1994 in TM Troop, I ran the PA system, Used to drive round Berlin in my little white VW mini bus setting up for street feats and such like. A great job and easily the best unit I ever went to.

My claim to fame from Berlin was when we did the last berlin Tattoo, I was a spotlight operator on the gantry and my one solo job was to come on Roger Whitaker with a soft pink light as he started to play his guitar. Well I totally forgot to put the filter on and ended up blinding the poor fÜcker, lol. I suppose you had to be there though.

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