Anyone selling/getting rid of 58 Pattern Belt

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by davyskuller, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Looking for 58 pattern belt around the cambs or camberley area, if anyone is selling or got one gathering dust and is willing to part could give me a shout it would be appreciated :D

    Cheers in advance, DS
  2. shouldn't need to go on arrse to get one, they're easy enough to find, just don't get one of those cracking brand spanker ones !!
  3. all the ones on ebay look new
  4. Try the army surplus shop in Aldershot (if its still there), varying qualities and therefore prices. got my "new" one there.
  5. I may have one in your size. Send me the waist size you would like and if I have one it's yours. No charge but you will have to come and get it yourself in Farnborough, North Camp.
  6. Cheers for replies guys, only got shitty shiny issue green thing, looks rats! Civvy,check PM's mate.
  7. Alternatively accept the fact that you are a f*cking sprog and wear the in service kit you have been issued :wink:
  8. Fair one!! Lent the last one I had and never saw it again!!
  9. :D

    Here here!!!!
  10. The only reason I can see for anyone wanting a 58 pattern belt is to hold together a set of 58 pattern webbing, why they'd want to do that is another question though.
    Unless of course it's for the ultimate in gayness. A belt to wear over your jacket........
  11. unfortunately it is for that very reason, Gib Barracks is a cruel mistress...
  12. Try Scotty Hamilton!