Anyone selling an mtp daysack ?

I'm looking to buy an mtp daysack, so I've looked on eBay and everyone of them are being sold for ridiculous prices.

Surely there must be someone on here who has got one to sell.

If your selling one, let me know.
You are an RMP Cpl looking to make Sgt and I claim my £5.

Mark The Convict

'Hope This Helps'

Can you not wait for the Army to issue you one in due course?


Hey, i'm not selling one either!

Best advice is to wait outside the armoury after a range day and lift one whilst the owner pops back in for some more flannalette. HTH.
Are you the person who stole my sylvette out of the washing machine?
Another good way is to wait till a bus load of blokes get back from exercise, when they get off, blend in, nick a daysack, and go about your business. And don't feel bad. Remember, there's only one thief in The Army, everyone else is just trying to get their kit back.
I'm not selling one either but why not buy one of these 'bad boys' instead?

I'll probably sell mine because it's shite. I've been using the one I bought from the shop in Tidders 4 years ago - way better. However, you'll have to wait a few weeks until I return from this current shit hole.

How much we talkin' (+P&P)

Please excuse the Eastenders tone of phrase. But I am serious.


**** off, as if I would need a sylvette??? I just steal pre-bulled boots, even if I have to wear an extra couple of pairs of socks or walk around like Joey Deacon, it's far superior to bulling them yourself. Gives me more time in the NAAFI bar to minesweep pints.
You are smudge, the 22 year Lcpl bedding storeman and I claim my boots back.
I'm selling an eMPTy daysack, 150 notes to you! PM me!

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