Anyone seen Wilderness?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Degenerate, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. I discovered a wonderful wonderful film this week. Its a wee British number called Wilderness from last year. A group of horrible little chavs from a youth prison are deposited on a remote island for a "character building exercise". Unfortunately for them theres someone else on the island with a bit of a grudge against them. Cue some brilliantly creative deaths for the little bastards including some pretty graphic eatings alive by a pack of savage dogs and my personal favourite...a slight variation on the old rope trap hangs you upside down from a tree where a can of petrol is upended over the victim once suspended and a flare on the ground ignites them. Funny as hell when compared with the nicey nicey sessions they had with a waste of space "counciller" at the films beginning.
  2. Ooh. No, not seen that one.

    Can't find any mention of it on tinterweb, the hangover's looking though, not me.

  3. Amazon

    A Review

    Dunno why these reviewers keep saying its hard to feel sympathy for the chavs. I dont think your supposed to. It is however a joy to see them meet their demise in assorted nasty manners.
  4. Just added it to my Lovefilm list. Sounds like fun.

    Maybe someone should send a copy to Gordon Brown with suggestions of a few remote, windswept islands off the Scottish coast where we could try it out for real.
  5. Got the film Deathwatch by the same director, good film, a horror set in WW1 France. This film seems slightly akin to that Japanese masterpiece Battle Royale
  6. Under a fiver for some mindless violence...suits me sir...
  7. Beats Deathwatch hands down. Not so very battle royale as the killing is certainly not government sanctioned and it has no annoying weepy flashbacks to happier times. Much gorier in places too. Feels more like Dog Soldiers although obviously without werewolves. The pack of dogs used by the killer is far scarier than them anyway.