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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by bluearmy, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. sounds abit iffy,but if its that close to being used then cool.

    but it does seem abit big and exposed to being out in a firefight.

    what would happen if a stray bullet or rpg hit the dish??

    cool though

  2. Wonder what the variation of range from target would be - assuming the emitted energy obeys the 1/d2 law?

    If the distance is decreased does the skin temp increase to something a little less safer than 54 degrees C?

    It's an interesting application - wonder if it could be reflected back using a similar reflector?
  3. Does seem nice to heat field rations... It's a REALLY big microwave!
  4. :numberone:'s not cool, you're missing the point! :thumright:
  5. Could we randomly set things on fire with it??

    Spontaneous mong combustion, anyone?
  6. Microwave ovens use 2.43GHz,

    Active Denial Technology uses a transmitter producing energy at a frequency of 95GHz and an antenna to direct a focused, invisible beam towards a designated subject. Traveling at the speed of light, the energy reaches the subject and penetrates the skin to a depth of less than 1/64 of an inch. Almost instantaneously it produces a heating sensation that within seconds becomes intolerable and forces the subject to flee. The sensation immediately ceases when the individual moves out of the beam or when the system operator turns it off.

  7. Hi all

    The only thing that puzzles me` is that depending on how wide the beam is could allied troops approach safly as they need to go where the beam is pointing:)(turn it off and up pops raghead)

    one bonus is a thermal scan of raghead after beam is off(illuminous raghead)hehehe shooting ducks in a pond:)

    kentucky fried rag heads:)

    anyone for a leg:)

    satalite mounted and safe from enemy fire `directed by gps:)even better

  8. I hope and assume that this isn't true. I assume the RF gives the sensation of burning (ie tweeking the nerves)... cos if it does actually heat things up then there will be permenant damage to the victims and surroundings. I've not seen this Less Leathal Weapon before so it's quite new and I predict there will be tactical problems with it (like all other LLW) - such as babies, or the fact that it needs to be attached to the national grid.
  9. Howdy

    Call me old fashioned but whats wrong with the good old flamethrower ?

    Worked in my day...........

    All the best.

  10. You don't think the frequency of 95GHz has anything to do with a lower power requirement then Baldrick?

    I suggest the magnitude of the emitted frequency causes a very high rate of skin cell molecule vibration resulting in a stimuli that can be sensed as heat.

    A relationship between the average skin thickness can be seen to exist:

    Human skin layers exhibit a varying thickness between 0.5 to 2mm.

    95GHz has quarter and half wavelengths [of the emitted RF energy] 0.79 and 1.58mm respectively and the skin thickness will aid propagation.

    The penetration is stated as 1/4" and that's about 2 wavelengths deep [6.3mm].

    Bodily fluids would likely not be affected since their basic make up would consist of water. Since water has a resonant frequency around 2.43GHz this freq used by the 'Active Denial System' is 39 times higher and that suggests that eyes and hearing would not be adversly affected after exposure.

    I'd bet brick walls, 1/4" plate glass, 1.5mm perforated metal sheet or even reflecting the beam back at the troops would not go down too well for performance figures.

    Bloody hell been busier than you're letting on???You'd have to go some to get an Air Force base named after you!!!! I didn't think you'd lower yourself to do a septic though?? :thumright: