Anyone seen this ?

Grizzly use the search function and then never ever mention a certain event that happened in America on a certain date in September. It brings all the conspiracy loons out.
Tin foil hats are coming best get it binned before the sun rises over the stars and stripes :evil:
as soon as an INT mod sees this thread it will end up exactly where it deserves,

GB, use the serch function before you post boring drivil like this, a good tip is to lurk for a while on here to get the feel of the forums before you contribute.
being army or ex is also a good idea.


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Grizzly-Bear said:
who is a MOD on here ????????
well, I quite like me ska, and I've got a parka but I dont ride a scooter - is that any good to you?


Alright slick, cool yer jets!

Hooped at the request of the thread originator. And for being apocalyptically dull. :wink:

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