Anyone seen this fella

Post it in a few more forums just in case
Typical Daily Wail. Why call him an alleged bogus war hero and then quote the MOD confirming that he's only done 28 days in the TA?

Surely then it should be proven bullshitting spunk bubble at the beginning?
Is that...Simon Pegg?
The twat was on faceache oooppsss facebook, got caught out talking shit couldnt remember what reg he was in.. Hope they catch the spanner soon
You've got to like the "Claiming to have served 22 years in the Army despite only being 34 years of age" - what a cnut. Anyone see's him - string him up, I'll buy the first round of drinks.
on some of his post on facebook he says hes from manchester??? ? and some of photos are so funny, amazing what ya can do copy and pasting these days

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