Anyone seen their bounty yet?

My sources tell me that nothing will be paid until 1st May at the earliest. Another computer glitch at the APC.
There are those who have received theirs (around 11th of month).  Unfortunately I wasn't one of them!! :-/
For gods sake stop complaining

The poor darlings at APC Glasgow have been busy mobilising people so cannot possible worry about the simple things in life like pay

God bless there cotton socks for all the extra effort they have had to put in recently perhaps some of them may have even started work at 0855 and didn`t finish till 1702hrs

0/10 for effort

I my unit I have had 3 promotions held up (although back pay should follow) and 1 bloke without pay for months because they are putting all there efforts into mobilisation

bless em

Mind you my promotion came through with only 7 weeks delay so perhaps I am looking at the situation through rose tinted glasses any longer and I would be *****

Mind you if I do not get my bounty soon My Travel will be on my case :eek:
(With a smug smile) Got mine and my wife has already tasked it.  It did the usual "pause-tup-three" in my account before moving on.

I had my efficiency cert signed by the New Year.  I don't know if that sped things up – that and a very switched on pay team.
mine paid a flying visit into my bank account the other week, but then a hefty whack of it was tempted away.....  ;)
Without being too blasé about the bounty, but what are the current rates.  I got GBP1,380 when I thought it was GBP1,250 last time.


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I'll let you know when anyone in my lot gets it!

When I complained, I was told I was lucky - several of our boys and girls in Iraq haven't been paid at all yet ;D
is it just me, or do you find you have car smashes and loads more bills to pay in april when somebody somewhere *knows* that moneys in the bank??!  ;)
Bounty arrives in bank at 1500 on 29th April.....
Bounty leaves bank bound for Credit card at 1505 on 29th April......

Bounty comes in.....
Bounty goes out.....

Just as surely as the rising of the sun.


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