Anyone seen the Kodiak?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by SandExporter, May 31, 2007.

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  1. The Swiss have Leopard 2 based Kodiak breachers.

    Anyone seen these funky beasts up close and personal?

    Its v similar to the Trojan but has the excavator mounted in the centre.
  2. and all the rams and hydraulics are protected........ :? but i doubt the protection is as good as T&T :wink:
  3. The Kodiak.....a balding detective or a camera?
  4. it doesn't look to bad at all does it, but seriously what are the swiss going to do with it?
  5. Probably going to be the same situation as the Typhoon the brylcreem boys have just got.

    Have a pal who works for BAE and he reckons the RAF are the best users as the others (Spain, Italy & Germany) are "never going to use it in anger and just at airshows".

    sounds familiar!
  6. Got a good point there mate, its a shame theres no way we cant corporate lease decent equipment from the likes of the Swiss, could come in handy, especially with the current political situation
  7. Sounding niave, I can never understand why the best forces in the world don't get the best equipment, regardless of nationality.

    Of course I understand the reasons why it is a utopian vision.

    The internet and book shelves are littered with projects & kit that should have been procured because it performed best but policitcs or cost got on the way.

    This covers the full spectrum from body armour back in the 70s to DROPS trucks in the 80s.
  8. the swiss have an army????
  9. being old and stupid I will fall for the gag!!!

    Yes I have a Kodak Camera!!!!
  10. So it seems but rumour has it, their ration packs are for 24 hours! :? :roll:

    Indeed, and they've already invaded Liechtenstein (although it was by accident and they did turn around when they realised they were lost!)