Anyone seen the Auld Sapper recently?

I would imagine that after being deaded with a 360 falling on top him, the severe injuries to arms and legs would have been the least of his problems.
he posted something last night
Ola fellow arrsers! Not dead yet. I've been suffering the effects of the old Chinese curse of living in interesting times of late and we've really just got our selves sorted out, trips to Belfast and Yorkshire, no work, no dosh and a house move have all conspired to keep me off line and with one or two other 'interesting' things going on it's been a bit of a tough year so far. Still it's back on the up swing, I've spent the past ten days renewing a roof up country which after six months off the building sites damn near killed me and the wages were handy for paying off the debts and bills. Manuel the Bar was delighted to take 250 bucks for my bar bill !!! As the Belfast Bitch remarked that's a fecking lot of bevvy at 60 cents a beer and 2.50 per litre of vinho collapso. I really must give my liver and kidneys a rest. New place we've moved to ( Belfast Bitch has reminded me that it's the tenth time I've moved her in ten years and we were in the last place for four) is fabby and the novelty of having a bar and a pool on site will no doubt soon wear off and by hanging upside down in a tree with gaffa tape and a long lead for the dongle I've now got rather slow tinternet access which removes the excuse of going to the bar in the village to go on line.

Off now to rip out a shower that an ex client got a Romanian to fit because I was too expensive! Things leaked like a sieve since he installed it, got paid and disappeared. Now, what's the Portugese for, " That'll teach you missus, now stand by to get humped for this job."

Still, looks like springs arrived, lovely weather and the new place has one of those fancy build in wine racks which I'm going to have to find another use for as the likleyhood of bottles of plonk lying there for any length of time is not great. Dunno, maybe I can use it as some kind of tool rack or summit. We'll see.

Anyhoo, all the very best and hope this finds you all hail, hearty and happy.


Ubique ya bass!!

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