Anyone seen my SLR?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Murphy_Slaw, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. The Russians are coming!

    Ok Guys, time to get out the 58 webbing,puttees and cheese processed.
    Last one to the Fulda gap is big girls blouse.
  2. Whistle me up a curryvurst mit frites while I get me coat on... :p
  3. Dad's Army on the Weser? Haud me back...

    On the plus side, the kit they have is still what we trained to fight. Pass me a Charlie-G, will you?
  4. I just knew I wasn't storing them in vain! Can I wear my steel lid, S6 and separate-hood OG Noddy suit?

    My tin of cheese isn't looking too healthy - it's kind of, well, expanded quite a bit. No problem, though. I've got the grid reference of a tin that I dropped in 1980. Think of it as pre-positioned rations.

    Anyone want to form a clan using Larkspur and that Amber 1, Amber 2 stuff?

    Does the OPTAG include a refresher on Griddle?
  5. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Crack open the yellow handbags.

  6. Now that would liven up a dull week, we could do our two/three day sacrificial Goat routine and still be home in time to pull up a sandbag on Friday down the pub with a few new war stories... :roll:
  7. That's it, then, the 42nd Old Farts Brigade vs the might of 3 Shock Army. Checked out the attic and found:
    1 OG Shirt
    1 Pair twists for tucking the trousers in.
    1 Pair, slightly mouldy and green, Boots DMS (worn down at both heels and no laces)
    1 Set very crinkly combat waterproofs. No chance of sneaking up silently with that lot on.
    1 Norwegian shirt, ripped down the middle and fraying at the cuffs.
    1 Beret without capbadge (must have shrunk over the years as it no longer fits - stinks of mould round the band)
    1 very worn and frayed stable belt (R Sigs) with leather side buckles (one snapped)

    Where do we get our travel warrants from?
  8. Your SLR?

    Let me think, now where did I see that last?

    Oh yes, I think this chap's got it.
    Tony Blair gave it to him so he could shoot at the British Army with it.
    Go and ask if you can have it back, will you?

    Just let me find my glasses and hearing aids and I'll be right with you.

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  9. That'd be a cracker for the next Eurovision.

    I take it that that's the Russian equivalent of the (Imber) Village People?
  10. do you think we could find wolfgang? we could keep him back a couple of tactical bounds :?
    Now that would really be the old days :D
  11. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    1 litre of Asbach, 75cl of Apfelkorn and my old SMG back and I'm FFR.

  12. It does have a touch of Right Said Fyodor about it, doesn't it? Guaranteed to make us fight harder, if only to avoid being bummed.
  13. SMG and A41 for me. Make sure the CQMS has the Tennants ready for breaky on the reorg. The 432s are still in running order I understand - Can we get them back from the Stan in time?