Anyone seen combat? or have good combat stories??

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Rogerio, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. My old man went to the first gulf war and he said the closest he got was their base having a scud alert but not much else.

    My English Grandad was in the paras and got captured and held in an italian POW camp for 4 years!!!

    My Scottish Grandad was in the Royal Artillery and had a couple of good stories, one was that him and another couple of blokes found a cellar in france and heard some german voices so chucked some grenades down there. Madness, he also had a bullet would in his leg from a mauser but didnt tell me the whole story.

    I found all these stories really interesting and wondered if anyone had anything first had or second hand they could share?

  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Never believe anyone's war stories.
  3. I had a tuna sandwich for lunch today. I forgot my soup though. It was madness.
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  4. I went to Wales...once....
  5. I had to fight the missus for the remote control once....just once mind! I've never tried that again!
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  6. I was 2nd on the balcony but don't like to talk about it;|
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  7. who the **** is combat?
  8. Hes a big marine with a pair of friendly eyes.....

    No wait, thats camoflage.
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  9. There are better software packages on the market but it does a job I suppose
  10. ooooh oh oh oh, indeed it was.
  11. I had shit flung at me in Panama during Operation Safe Havens. They were very vocal about it too.

  12. Chin up chuck,you can always play 'Black Ops'.......
  13. I once wrestled an overweight WRAF naked for 30 mins solid before she sexually assaulted me, does that count?

    P.S. It was emotional.
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  14. I met sluggy and survived. I now have PTSD but others that have met her have been sectioned, so I feel that I got of lightly.
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