Anyone seen combat? or have good combat stories??

My old man went to the first gulf war and he said the closest he got was their base having a scud alert but not much else.

My English Grandad was in the paras and got captured and held in an italian POW camp for 4 years!!!

My Scottish Grandad was in the Royal Artillery and had a couple of good stories, one was that him and another couple of blokes found a cellar in france and heard some german voices so chucked some grenades down there. Madness, he also had a bullet would in his leg from a mauser but didnt tell me the whole story.

I found all these stories really interesting and wondered if anyone had anything first had or second hand they could share?

i think my gym does body combat but i dont really know what it is so i just stick to spin classes and circuits. i dont think anyones ever been shot in the leg though.

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