Anyone seen 7 Regt RLC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Conductor, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Anyone seen 7 Regt it,seems to have been mislaid

    Whot No 7 Regt!

    I hope they are not off route! :roll:
  2. So have 6 and 27.
  3. The adverts say be the best, yet the system can't even get a web site right!!!! :x
  4. Probably too busy on Ops to bang up a site.
  5. Going out to play with them later in the year, so a bit of Googling was called for. Linkey
  6. Cheers :D
  7. Is this what was 7 Tk Tptr Reg RCT based in Sennelager?
  8. The very same :D
  9. No doubt to save space on the internet page, the powers that be probably decided only to use one of each Regt, making the RLC look smaller!!
  10. I know who had it last and he aint that reliable,
    So its probably slipped down the back of his sofa or its in the pocket of his other Combats buried at the bottom of the washing basket
  11. Last seen in Nicosia..........
  12. No STR either yet my old TA unit 156 is listed
  13. Do you know if Bart Simpson is still distoying the place?
  14. 24 have gone AWOL too. Has anyone checked the lost baggage room?

  15. No they will all be hiding in the RLE or pilfering the broken parcels :wink: