Anyone see bowling for columbine last night?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 22, 2005.

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  1. It was on 4 last night about 11pm

    Quite an interesting film, but once again ruined by the blatant left wing propoganda of Moore and his Ilk. He willfully set out to make the everyday americans appear stupid and insular (that is debatable! :twisted: ), but the worst thing was his blatant editing of what people were saying. He only used what he wanted to in order to back up his point, without then allwoing the people to explain what they meant.

    It dealt with some really tricky issues though, such as gun cultrue, the NRA, the alleged victimisation of young Black men etc but left me wondering what he didnt included (like the actual figures on how many crimes are commited by young black males in relation to their proportion of the general population).

    Your thoughts

  2. From what I could make of it he was trying connect what the boys did, with the bombing going on in Kosovo. :?

  3. Read Michael Moore is a stupid white man, excellent,

    Moore recieves award nominations for what is basically propaganda
  4. Interesting comparison between the US and Canada though. It often seems that guns are most American's first resort rather than last.
  5. Vonshot, I read that book a few years ago before i realised what a twat moore could be. You are right though, the book is does make for interesting reading (albeit with a pinch of salt! :twisted: )

  6. Selective editing is always the way with this sort of thing regardless of where you sit on the political spectrum.
    My conclusion of the film was that the 24/7 rolling news culture - especially of crime and the perception of crime is slowly turning us all paranoid.
    Once you filter out some of Moore's hyperbole and retoric there is a message worth listening to.

    Just look at how sky news and BBC News 24 hype every story regardless of importance. The coverage of Telic 1 was a case in point - every firefight was a "strategic battle", every skirmish a "setback" etc. Unforunately like the newspapers, the "truth" is unimportant and usually far more complex than what will fit into carefully edited sound bites :cry:
  7. upset lots of spams.
    I think is basic argument is a lot of americans are very fearful and seem to think more and bigger guns are the answer(':roll:').
    where as canada has nearly as many guns and less problems with them.
    maybe its there all or nothing society either get rich and have a nice life or live on the edge of poverty
  8. Moore just isn't taken seriously anymore. He started out as a fairly reasonable social commentator but has become progressively more marginalised with each subsequent leftist diatribe. Everyone of his 'works' his been found to be nothing more than a mishmash of misrepresentation, misquotes and outright lies. Luckily there is a whole industry out there now that counters his bullsh!t to good effect.

    The man's hypocrisy is breathtaking. As someone said recently, how can a man who weighs 400lb lecture us on overconsumption? 8O
  9. Right, let's get this out of the way:

    scroll down for the dissection of Bowling

    And now some nice statistics:

    Intl. crime victimisation study (Leiden University):

    Percentage victim once or more in 1999:

    England & Wales - Overall - 26%, contact crime - 3.6%, burglary (incl. attempts): 5.2%
    USA - Overall - 21%, contact crome - 1.9%, burglary (incl. attempts) - 3.8%
    (contact crime = robbery, assaults with force & sexual assaults against women)

    Some other stuff:

    And as for Moore, he is a total cnut.
  10. I know this may rub some up the wrong way but i feel it must be answered:

    Moore went on about the fact that white americans are SO afraid of the young blackmen in America, and that the media are responsible for whipping up a frenzy about young black men being the cause of the vast majority of crimes (and in some cases this may be true, as the media do like to stoke the fire!).

    What i want to know is if the amount of media attention based on crimes commited by young black males is proportional to the actual number of crimes they commit? Are they misrepresenting the stats or are young black men just more likely to commit crime? And yes, i realised that there is a correlation between poverty/deprivation and crime, and also between race and poverty, but does this explain or excuse the high incidence of crime commited by young black males?

    Any views welcome.


    Of course, to the site I got that from this is evidence of the oppression of blacks and the focussing of the state oppressive organs against them (look at the URL), whereas perhaps it could be due to the huge rise in black drugs gang related activity since 1950?

    Look at the raw statistics & draw your own conclusions...
  12. After looking for some stats, there seems to be some conflict in opinion with obvious political views playing some role in skewing the facts.

    An article writen by a Washingotn times journo:

    Data taken from Bureau of Justice Statistics, American Immigration Lawyers Association, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  13. That's exactly what Moore wanted you to think.
  14. I realise that, however just a brief visit to or five minutes of GWB would seem to confirm the impression. Obviously, Moore exagerates shamelessly despite this it really does seem that to Americans lethal force is not the last resort. I am not sure that the young black male is not partially responsible for his own problems, particularly when you see what his culture glories in, but, I do wonder whether there is a Chicken-and-Egg situation there, people will often live down to expectations.

    The interesting thing about Stupid White Men is GWB's choice of cabinet, it looks as if he deliberately gave portfolios to people in areas to which they were implicitly opposed thus an "anti-environmentalist" gets the job of reducing pollution :roll: .
  15. B'Burg,

    Some value in what you said ref. GWB cabinet, but the opposite view is that what he didn't do is fill the cabinet with reactionary environmentalist who quite happily leave reality and talk about the destruction of the world in 10 years time (just like they did in the 1960', 70's and 80's - hmmm, still here and so are all the forests and fish in the sea).

    Further, what is NEVER mentioned about Shrub's cabinet is that he placed in his cabinet the first Black Sec of State, the first woman (and black) NSA and the now the first black woman Sec of State. There are also a number of Hispanic high profiled cabinet members and nominees for Supreme Court.

    All this from a racist apparently!