Anyone Remember Wolfgangs Imbiss Vans on Soltau ???

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Paddy_Cr, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone remember or have any funnies of old Wolfgang chasing the Battlegroup around in his Imbiss vans???
  2. Double away for a yellow handbag and a fricadella, always waiting for you in the tactical harbour area headlights blazing or at least the interior light on so he can count your money. Better than compo and saved many a thirsty Sapper (Tanky) from a dry night :D
  3. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Never forget the saying "you want winegar on your ships" :D
  4. Good old Wolfy, always there when you needed him. Didn't he have a clansman set fitted to his van, and a special issue of BATCO? :p :lol: :twisted:
  5. So legend has it. But what always used to get me was the way he used to run his little (blue?) van around the area with absolute impunity. 43s, Stalwarts, Challengers would inevitably fall by the wayside, up to their axles in mud and shiite, yet the little blue van would always be there.... Mind you I suspect there a few on this site who might own up to giving him the odd tow!
  6. I remember a Dutch attack on our position during a major exercise coming to a sudden halt as he turned up in front of their FUP just as they were de-bussing. Even the German umpire was in the queue for a brattie and chips. We DF'd them and they had to start all over again. I never saw it, but I was told that he once turned up during an NBC phase wearing a respirator.
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  7. As a brand new Troop Commander RCT on my first exercise on the first night move into a harbour area everything seemed to be going swimmingly. Good light discipline, no bumps total silence less the roar of the Drops.

    Imaging my surpirise when this shitty little van turns up in my harbour area with lights blazing and its bell ringing.

    Imagine my further surprise when my soldiers including the total incomprwehensible Georgis Staffie immediately switch off engines jump out of cabs and form a bloody queue beside the van.

    I'm still standing there like a lemon wondering what the fcuk just happened when my OC swans past asking if I wasn't bothering with a brattie before joining the queue himself.

    Whilst I wasn't the most attentive student at Sandhurst I am absolutely positive that there was nothing in any of the manuals about this.

    Ove the next two years I came to deeply admire the driving ability of this fellow who seemed able to put that van through areas that we had just had to recover half a Squadron from. Wasted as a purveyor of fast food. Bloody excellent cross country driver.
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  8. The man is a ledgend!
    He probable knew the sequence of every possible ex, defence possitions and harbour sequence. Even better when you had young sprog to do the brattie run for the section.
    Happy days.
  9. No - he gave me and my 432 one (tow that is!!) - not only that, he told me where I was and which direction I should be going to catc up with the rest of the BG. Then came the infamous "am I speaking fecking Spanish?" river xing.

    Capped by an outstanding sunday evening in the Bad Lippspringe pools oggling the padre's daughter and watching the ginger bootie get a boner in the spa pool for the delectation of all the german ladies!!!

    Come back Das Monocle!!
  10. I remember getting directions from Wolfgang, and a handy hint to avoid a certain route as thats where i may bump into the enemy!
  11. Wolfy was definatly a legend, then again so was the Red shield van from Monky laager, when Angie was driving it.
  12. So true :D
  13. I suppose that was 'just another thing Tony'!
  14. More Charlie Ones - your eyes and ears of t'company.
  15. Face it - we all know that wolfie was probably the KGB's finest agent!