Anyone remember WO II John Paxton 244 Signals and 16 Parachute Brigade?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Scotsplum, Nov 29, 2011.

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  1. I am looking for information about my father who served with 244 Signals from the early 50's to the 80's, I know very little about his army life, He was a sergeant at the time of the Suez crisis in 56 and went out on Theseus, He spent a lot of years serving with the Special forces and the Para's He was in Germany in 1966, A photo of him with some of his platoon sitting on a Russian tank in Egypt recently appeared in the Sunday post. Could anybody help me find out more about his army life?
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  2. Scotsplum, I have no doubt there a couple of old and bold ARRSEr's who will have been around at that time and they may come along later to pass on some info. In the meantime I confess I don't remember him, although by the 80's I was already well into my first decade of service!!
    Have you tried the R SIGNALS Association in Blandford, or even the Army Personnel Centre in Glasgow (R SIGNALS Division)? They would almost certainly be able to help you out. Sadly, I am an IT biff and therefore unable to post links, but inevitably someone will pick this up. Good hunting.
  3. As far as i remember, Kentigern House, Brown Street, Glasgow. Hope this little bit of info helps in the search.
  4. Try this link, it's the Royal Signals Association page: Royal Signals Association
  5. Sent the link to an old mate on FB who was in 216 during the 60/70/80's...he may know him.
  6. Scotsplum - you could visit and have a look at the pics there. I'll put your request on the guestbook and that may ring some bells woth the Old & Bold.
  7. You need to speak to Historical Disclosures at APC. They charge a small fee but can dig up quite a bit if you can provide some basic details i.e name, rank on discharge, regimental number etc
  8. After I posted the original request on ... Wee Mac says he's ready to chat/e-mail about John/Jock Paxton,
    and Mal P sent me a small b&w photo which I can pass on, whenever we get an e-address or other contact.
  9. My 1st posting was 244SS from 77-82 based at RAF Brize Norton. It was an extremely tight/small unit of 2 troops (Alpha and Echo (plus SHQ) and we all knew each other well but I dont remember a Jock Paxton then? We did have a few "left over" para badged guys but only a few and Jock does not jump out at me over that period!
  10. From what I've read on the a/m Jock Paxton was in Radio Troop of 216 Para Sigs circa 1959/60.
    There are 1 or 2 Old Comrades who remember him from that time.
  11. Hello, is your name John as well? I had a good friend called John Paxton and he had a son called John and his wife was Margaret. He was my best man in fact and we were in the Suez together. As I remember he lived somewhere east of Edinburgh (Portobello?). We spent a great deal of time together, as he was troop sergeant of the radio operators and I was troop sergeant of the radio technicians with 216 Para.

    I was with the Paras from '51 to '61, with a break in the middle. If we are talking about the same chap please message me for more info if you would like to. It was him being such a Rangers fan that brought him up in conversation today!

    John Paul
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  12. Mussleburgh!
  13. Musselburgh? The Honest Toun? Same birthplace as me, your honour. Spooky coincidence or wot?