Anyone remember Vampire

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by omega, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. It's a long while ago.14 Sig ?
    75FL90+ trailer/Ex BAE(87-95) now being restored in private hands,not mine.
    Only major item missing being the SCAM.All internals are there & mostly working.
    Have detailed pics if it does interest.
    Any info via PM would be most helpful.
  2. Remember it well....but unfortunately havent got any spare parts kicking around.
  3. We also have 75FL93 with trailer undergoing restoration if it is of interest to anyone here, or if anyone is able to shed any light on things. All help appreciated, pics available etc.

    All the best
  4. See pic.If it works.

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  5. I am willing to help if you have any questions, I was a det cdr 87-89 on V5 (75 FL 91). BTW it's VAMPIIRE - VHF Army Postition Indicator Interferometer Radio Equipment.

    PM if you need any assistance.
  6. It just came to me, the WIDE APERTURE antenna array, will be nigh on impossible to get ahold of. As I recall they were all backloaded in early 90's because of cadmium leakage and other radioactive hazards. I do have some pictures of the WIDE APERTURE set up, plus one or two others if you are interested.
  7. EW Op rubbish, bring back the Log Periodic on a C50, now that was a pretty bit of propagating gear :wink:
  8. The pics of the Wide Aperture array would be interesting. We have some kit that are packed in different sized boxes, the boxes are substantial. Parts of the antenna are mounted on large plywood boards, the whole lot being shoehorned into a widetack Sankey trailer. We also have what I'm led to believe is an EW101, a 101 with the spare wheel mounted vertically on a substantial bullbar in front of the radiator.

    It's one thing maintaining and restoring the 101's as vehicles for display at shows but the process of restoring and preserving the interior seems to be a completely different kettle of fish. It would be nice to be able to accurately, albeit as a display item only, recreate the interior for the shows, better than showing an empty cabin.
  9. 75FL30 - SCAM 21 mast located and currently under negotiation. Hope it goes ahead - will then have at least one Vampire that is reasonable complete internally and externally.
    Anybody got any detailed photographs or dimensioned drawings [I can dream can't I!] of the cable reel that was fixed on the back "wall" of the Vampire. Can't find one anywhere and know of 4 or 5 Vampire owners who need one, so remanufacture seems the only option.
    Any help appreciated.
    Custodian of 75FL93

  10. Well done chaps.Yes a pic would be of great help re the cable reel.
    Wonder if they are the same size as the drums on the trailer but with rotating
  11. We offered one of the trailer reels up and it seems to be much smaller than that one the back of the Vampire. Far too heavy as well :) The trailer jockey wheels are all bent back with the weight in them.
  12. Well worth a try.Have to see if anyone comes up with a pic & try to scale it from that.
  13. God remember it well, had to do shift with GBL
  14. Lol do i remember it! i was the poor fkr in PDFC tryin to get a result from u guys. imagine my surprise when i moved to v5 for granby.

    XRAY Probe forever ;-)