Anyone remember this...?

The Guardian
Jamie Wilson and Nick Hopkins
Monday January 13, 2003

Two MPs are under investigation for accessing child pornography websites as part of a huge police operation that this weekend embroiled the rock star Pete Townshend.
Sources have confirmed to the Guardian that the names and credit card details of the two MPs are on a list of subscribers to a child porn internet portal sent to Scotland Yard by the US authorities.

The MPs, who are both reported to be former Labour ministers, are the latest public figures to become caught up in Operation Ore, the largest inquiry into child pornography undertaken in the UK.
In the current climate of our glorious leadership, they will no doubt be holding cabinet positions in the near future.
You forget that innocence can be assured with a large helping of Double Standards lightly seasoned with "Not in the Public Interest".
We are all equal under the law
Aren't we :?: :roll:


Book Reviewer

But some are more equal than others....

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