Anyone remember this?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ugly, Apr 1, 2006.

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  1. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator


    I'm pretty sure this is an early SUIT due to the range adjusting lever in the last pic by my thumb being really flimsy. I dodged out of carrying mine in a rifle coy in Belfast and no one asked me too whilst in COP so I have limited experience with this beyond training!
  2. dastards, they never issued me witha carry pouch like the one falshy posted.... or was thata remf std issue bit-o-kit??
    feeling older by the minuite!
  3. Yes but did they issue the warning " Any breakage must be reported immediately" or you get cancer and your balls get to look like wallnuts?
  4. We had to buy them when they first came out! I suppose the first ever bit of 'gucci' kit.
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    A shithousefull of SUITs were flogged off to the Septic commercial market a few years back, after having the Trilux source removed.
    The 'official' end users installed a battery powered LED unit instead, due partly to the Spam laws on radioactive devices but also simplicity of replacement.

    Strangely a large number of these SUITs emerged in Israel with a M16 mount & a new cam for the 5.56 rd.
    As far as I have been able to ascertain there were no direct exports of these sights from the UK to IMI, so there might just be a grain of truth in the rumour that the US has supported Israel.
  6. I used to have one of those pouches on my 58 set when I was an army cadet. Never knew what it was for until now

    Someone told me that the pointer was inverted because as you fired the muzzle rose and you could see your bullets ripping into the squidgy human target better.....Niiice! :twisted:

    Ugly - You didnt get the sight from a purveyor in Polegate perchance? :wink:
  7. Sure you're not getting confused with the 'Singlepoint' sight, Flash, as seen on Star Wars weaponry? I seem to remember a number of young, eager Toms thought they were gucci too! :lol:
  8. They sure did LOL. We nearly had to wrap ours in cotton wool because of the fear of shriveled family jewels.
  9. We had them in the armoury at the tac dont remeber ever using them though ! Must have at least once .
  10. we used them all the time, well when i say all the time, i meant they were allowed out the "nuclear" containers once a year for PRE. but there again I was not Inf.and there were only certain SLR's that the slide would fit for some strange reason.... dont ask me i dont know what it was about
  11. I seem to recall that we were issued 5 or 6 of them to a battery in 73 for NI and then they were all taken back afterwards, singlepoints which were on everybodys wish list were forbidden to be taken over the water because they weren't on official isssue.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No it was gratis from a northern monkey mate at work. If I sell it to an SLR owner overseas then he will get the lions share!
    When I did PCBC the DS used the SUIT pouches as ammo pouches. I remember being issued it and mine was BLR for my first tour! I never fitted the puch but some did!
  13. When I was in the states in 94 .They just started to flog the old slrs over there .Hack saw to flash hider and bayonet lug
    and thumb hole stock fitted .You could also buy the suit sights minus trilux .Oh and 5 rd magazines to go hunting with . 8O
  14. Does anyone remember the Boresighting kit for SUISAT? What a crock of cr@p. The SLR was mounted on a converted .30 cal Browning MG tripod, If I remember rightly a sighting aid was stuffed up the breech. Lay that on the target, which was off-set and 25m away, then adjust the sight. Total gash as the knackerd MG mount wobbled like john prescott on a BFT. I did see a LMG with a SUISAT mounted using the bracket for the IWS.
    We were all issued with SUISAT for NITAT in '84, But didn't use in much. Saw a walt RUC with on on his SLR once which was odd cos hed never zeroed it!