Anyone remember this bloke?

The Army's powerful 1st Armored Division is proclaiming victory over Sheik Muqtada al-Sadr's marauding militia that just a month ago seemed on the verge of conquering southern Iraq.
The Germany-based division defeated the militia with a mix of American firepower and money paid to informants. Officers today say "Operation Iron Saber" will go down in military history books as one of the most important battles in post-Saddam Hussein Iraq.


So Al-Sadr telling his blokes to go home, after protracted negotiations with Iraqi clerics of note had nothing to do with it?

It is ineed a victory of firepower and tactics

Kewl OP Handle too.
I've lost the news story I saw on this ,Al-Sadr's last instructipn to his fighters was;

"Go back to your towns and continue the struggle there"

Which is why the Declaration of Victory has me confused.

Stand by , it's "Big Week"

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