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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by RAF889, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. My ex GFs sex toy? But I am sure it was blue.

    Does that one take a 12v car battery like hers did?
  2. Is that the one she broke her teeth on BH? (Almost NAAFI post already?)
  3. RAF Reg Field Rations Replenishment Cannister (To be dropped if patrols outside of the wire last for more than 1 hour or part thereof.)
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  4. does it contain emergency suncream, shades and breadcrumbs to find there way back. And a pre shot Osprey, and a MOD RSS press release honouring there bravery, with blank spaces to put there names in. ?
  5. I think there may even be a dictionary to ensure they're spelling their names correctly.
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  6. WE 177C - also known as Bomb, Aircraft, HE 950lb MC. In service until 1998. Too much detail?

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  7. The mythical "heatseeker" encountered during basic training?

    It does have "Training" written on it and I would want it up my arse......
  8. Yes I do. Next question?
  9. Each 1 man canister contains: 1X Jetboil cooker, choice of 1X Chicken Korma (mild) or 1X Boeuf Bourguignon (Low alcohol recipe) or Lobster thermidor (Only available if Nova Scotian Lobster has been sourced.), 2X Low alcohol beverage (Personel must make choice of beverage known to Q bloke at least 24 hours prior to departure of patrol or 2X extra soft drink will be supplied.), 2X Soft drink, 2X Iced tea, all drnks will come in a solar powered mini chiller (Ice cubes unavailable due to operational requirements.), 1X Stainless steel cutelry set (Non KFS), 1X Linen napkin, 1x Condiments sachet (Salt, pepper (mild), gentleman's relish) 1X Hot towel, 3X Moist towelettes, 1X roll toilet paper (3 ply as a minimum). Smokers can request a packet of Marlboro Mild or small cheroot, (A filter cigarette holder must be used when smoking issued tobacco products. All smokers must be counselled as to the dangers of smoking by their direct superior prior to sparking up.), 1X Field ration replenishment satisfaction questionnaire (250 question multi choice with optional direct to Air Marshall complaint form attached.).
    Special dietary requirements, ie religious, gluten free and dairy free available on request.
  10. God damn Pitswamper you were so close but no prize. You neglected to identify this as the Mk II Field Ration Replacement Canister. It contains all of the above but is designed for an afternoon high tea deployment so it also carries a full compliment of Mr Kiplings finest and a batten burg roll, pre cut of course. There is also an LAC Steward, in the nose cone, with full silver service capability. Stainless steel cutlery in theatre ohhhhhh the deprivation! Obviously you were mocking everyone knows it must be silver!
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  11. You should have you own TV show.....we could call it "Mogadon for the Masses!"
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  12. We've already got Bryanthemogadon.
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  13. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Bombs etc on show at 'Explosion!', the ex-RN Armament Depot at Priddy's Hard, Gosport. Plus ginormous old naval shells, so nostalgic it makes me want to hug them.
  14. And just to think that 15 years ago only a select handful of Sp would have even known of the existance of this weapon...sorry, DFAC - Direct & Full Airforce Catering