Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Norfolknchance, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. I seem to remember something hitting the media last year (?) about a Bn's worth of blokes getting paid when they didn't exist.


    Is it me or does anyone else remember it? If so, what was the outcome?
  2. WTF?

    B'liar may have made the UK a banana republic, but even with JPAS it ain't that bad yet.
  3. i think your getting mixed up with Sharpe and "his regiment" back to the meds old chap
  4. Wasn't that 49 Para?
  5. Um, there was a story about a couple of Iraqi Generals recruiting for their armed forces, making up the numbers and then creaming off the pay, guns and equipment for themselves and the black market. Do you mean that one?
  6. Nope, definitely in UK and Brit Army. The Ugandans did this in the 80's. Paid 52 Bns but could only muster 36 on the parade square so someone was raking it in! And that was after Idi the Jock had departed!
  7. Sounds like a continuation of the none existant Bn in WW2 in Burma or the Anti Aircraft Baloon unit still being paid in Scotland twenty years after the war was over. Army urban myths made up to date with the inclusion of IT cockups. Or have you met the guy who made a whole Challenger by indenting for it piece by piece as spares?
  8. yes there was a story last year about this. It was about the British Army. I think it was to do with soldiers that had left but were still getting paid due to the antiquated system that we used. Fear not though, JPA is the panacea to all our worries... no really.
  9. Yes I remember although not sureit was as big as a bn. The RMPs arrested some AGC Pay bods after there was an investigation into why LCpls were driving around in Porsches etc. It was discovered that there was a network of these guys who had pooled there resources together to falsify pay details for a substantial number ofo squaddies that did not exist IIRC.
  10. :D
    Many thanks to both Joker and Ashford, I thought it was real FFS! Must tell the Mrs Chance that I haven't lost my small, spherical things after all! :clap:

    Anyway, I'm sure JPA will sort it out and stop it happening again (until someone writes a patch to ignore multiple Disturbance Allowance claims).

    :judge: Titter ye not, that happened in the 70s!
  11. Please point out to her that it mine that's gone awol!
  12. I maybe hopelessly wrong but I remember vaguely an event in 1971 or thereabouts when a switched on SSgt RAPC manipulated the pay mainframe to pay portions of new pennies into a series of accounts - his of course.

    As only about two people in the country let alone the army knew anything about computers ( .. and damned well don't want know either!! Orderly another gin please...) I cannot imagine how he was caught. Driving a large Rolls to work maybe?
  13. Most definitely not. We've a very buoyant membership... allegedly.
  14. Could be based on an old urban myth or should that be a military myth! Heard the story over 18 years ago. a mil clerk as a personal project formed a phantom unit complete with barracks, vehicles etc. Over time it just kept getting bigger with him falsifying reports to state that the unit had been visited by top brass etc and passed inspections. It became so big and recognised that he could not stop it without drawing attention to himself but eventually came clean when some one else realised that an entire unit had not been paid! No malicious intent was intended and so he was not prosecuted.