Anyone remember the REME's 50th Anniversary Parade BAOR in '92?

Discussion in 'REME' started by AsterixTG, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. I think it was at Sennelager (could be wrong).

    Everyone was there for a week to practice. It was blisteringly hot all week and for weeks after you'd bump into people with a 2-tone head as they would be brown as a berry from the eyebrows down with a white forehead and the ubiquitous tanned 'Chest V'.

    Did all the rehearsals ending with the armour and other vehicles joining in towards the end and on the actual day... was a force nine gale and absolutely pissed it down completely ruining everyones No: 2s.
  2. Yep if you weren't wet you weren't there......still have the T-shirt in my ragbag. Sennelager Sept 1992
  3. Nope I was in FI at the time, was it Sept ferrous bloke ?
  4. Im sure it was but can get the exact date as know the Corp RSM who conducted the parade on the day...GM so will ask him.

    ps just checked and the If you weren't wet REME 50 T shirt we all got is no shrunk over the years and was thrown away by Mrs Iron
  5. Mind you Im lucky if I remember what I had for brekky most days ;-)
  6. I was at 39 then and they held it at the windmill. Still got the commerative medal and a tie.

    As I recal it was organised by Ivan Mungru, out of what was then REME Tech services, and you had guys down from Fallly for a whole week, living in STC, and we just turned up on the day to watch.
    Ex was pregnant at the time and remember she got so wet she nearly went into pre-labour.
  7. Before I joined you old sweats ;)
  8. Cannot believe I am watching the vid of this after 20 years. Good to see some mates from 20 Elec Wksp in No.6 Half-Company.

    The only good thing about this day was getting back to Bielefeld to dry out and have (another) corridor party.

    The day when whitener destroyed REME BAOR's No.2's. Ha!
  9. Thanks for posting the links - that really brought back some memories. I was in Berlin at the time and was volunteered to look after some German big wig. Not only was it wet but it was cold. Getting off the metal stands after the rain had soaked through your leather soled shoes and you had lost all feeling below the knees was a challenge. How the troops on parade did it I will never know but the dressing and drill would have made an infantry RSM proud. Can't believe it was nearly 20 years ago!


  10. Thanks for the links, Cozzey. Certainly brought back some fond memories. I was the CSM of No 6 Coy, (I Corps Tps/20 Elect Wksps) on the parade. I remember, after the first march past, guiding the Coy back to their original positions using the white puddles as markers.
    It's a bit surreal watching those clips now, in deepest, darkest Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea, some 20 years after the event. Where does the time go?

    Any former members of 1 CTW and 20 EW reading this, all the very best to you. I still maintain we were the smartest Coy on parade!
  11. I was there, No. 6 Coy (1 CTW) sproggy Cfn at the time. It was Sep (exact day a bit fuzzy) but remember being pissed all week during practice (and sun burnt) and cold and piss wet through on the day. Still have the T-shirt and coin. Remember sitting down afterwards in the marquees sodden to the bone shivering uncontrollably and being served a cold buffet. Chinned all that off threw everything into a bag and ruined everything. Happy days - blanko you shall not be missed!
  12. Fortunately I was up in Soltau on pre Med Man 3 training, where it wasn't raining!!!
  13. Not raining in Soltau, you must be crazy!
  14. Crazy yes, but the sun was out.