Anyone remember the program civies about ex-paras?


I remember watching a few episodes a long time ago and I have also read the book which is very doom and gloom about civilian life after you leave the paras.

Any thoughts fokes?
yeah complete kak the author who wrote it was quite accurate the BBC murdered it the end result made it look like any one who came out of the paras would turn in to a psychopathic tramp who smelled of piss don't get me wrong some do fall by the way side but that programme was complete bolloxs


Yeah, it was filmed in Cardiff.

The bloke from Bread was in it.

Dire Straits' Brother's in Arms was the opening theme music.
Yup, I quite liked it. Originally written by Lynda La Plant.
It was lkind of fun but the over all arc of all ex paras must come to a sticky end a bit depresing .
When it was shown on the telly and obviously not showing Paras in a sympathetic light the lovable old Marines sent a letter up to the Pegasus pub in Aldershot absolutely taking the pish, especially about the bloke who kept singing '10 green bottles', the bloke who was portrayed having been shot in the throat was based on an actual bloke who was shot on Mt Longdon. I do believe it was shown once and never repeated.
You can buy it on Ebay if you really want......"I love you Frank "
Yeah that "I love you Frank" bloke was scary. Yeuch!

Jason Isaacs (Frank) has done pretty well since then though. He must have made a mint in the Harry Potter films as that freaky bloke with long white hair. Remember they were always singing "simply the best" too. Bunch of mincers.

To be honest, it wasn't the best advertisement for military resettlement! :lol:
Yeah scary coming out the closet moment that ...bit cliched as well if I remember ex Falklands vets ending up working for a cockney gangster you do !!
PoisonDwarf said:
Yeah that "I love you Frank" bloke was scary. Yeuch!
Eddie O'Connell. That scene pretty much finished his acting career. Last seen playing a microscopic part as a road worker digging a hole in some long-forgotten ad. Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse did a superb mickey take: Divvies.
Yeah forgot about the berets that looked like helipads.....
Black-Mafia said:
Yeah forgot about the berets that looked like helipads.....
The unofficial military adviser on the show was ex-them, not sure he was ex-Para, but think he was. I know as I was in it as an extra in a fight scene.

In my opinion, it could have been so much better, and would be if re-made today.
fingers_1661 said:
The trailor for the programme deceived me into thinking it would be worth watching... was complete Bollox!
Surely the fact it was written by Lynda La Plante would have given you a clue as to how good it would be before you watched it :?

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