Anyone remember the egg throwing yob at the parades?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Extremist, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. A while back, there was a thread on a cretin called Aaron Coombs who threw eggs at a Remembrance Day parade in Hastings.


    Here's the thread: Aaron Coombs on ARRSE

    One of the attendees, and ex-forces chap, but serving in the police, found cause to punch him in the face as he was resisting arrest during the incident.

    Well, we all said what a throbber he was and how he should be removed from the gene pool.

    Well, here's some good news: Hastings & Bexhill Observer

    Thought you'd like to know. :D
  2. A sensible Judge? Am I dreaming?
  3. Sadly he may be out in two and a half years.
  4. Another chavfcukwit suffering from chronic NBPES (Not Being Punched Enough Syndrome)...
  5. Deserves what he got!
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    I doubt it, with a history like that, he'll probably try to "demand respect" from his fellow inmates, and either (a) end up beaing beaten to a bloody pulp, or more likely (b) ending up like Charles Bronson and never seeing the light of day again. (Let's all hope it's the latter). Anyway, he won't be seeing a Parole Board until almost 2013, and I doubt that he'll see one even then.
  7. I hope he gets mummy to send him plenty of KY jelly. :wink:
  8. In an ideal world the organ donor would stay in jail till he learned to behave and learned some employable skills. Then let out on licence step out of line back to pokey.
    should have happened a long long time ago 3 strikes and your out.
    Not saying you should spend the rest of your life behind bars for being caught for your 3rd offence.
    Just you got to work your arrse off to persuade people you desrve to be let out.
    Not good behaviour Oustanding behaviour Educational achievement etc etc.
    otherwise rot inside
  9. Ah well, that makes it all better

  10. Whilst it is a good result, should it really have taken 50+ offences, and what could easily have been a manslaughter charge?
  11. Bloke's a waste of space and should have been culled at birth. Knobber.
  12. IF he does get out he will be on licence. Repeat offence, go to gaol, do not pass Go, do not collect £200. This idiot probably doesn't realise (yet, cue tears etc..) that he is screwed for life. As previously stated; Result.
  13. Beleive you me, he won't.

    IPPs are the bandwagon of the loony left human rights squakers and, at present, open to challenge at ECtHR however you can get an IPP and do longer than a lifer. I believe there is a guy ( I will try to find link) who got an 18 month IPP and is still in 8 years later. Clearly, the man is a cnut.

    This cnut will me a MAPPA 3, in other words about a dozen agencies will have to agree he is ready for release and that he has done the appropriate 'courses' They are more interested in their own welfare and funding and from hiding from public reaction so this fcuker will do five at least. With his attitude, probably 10 plus.

    There are many ex-forces in prison, many of them good and decent people who made a silly mistake and got caught!. Retribution is imminent and rightly deserved and it will be short, swift, brutal and well deserved. Hope he leaves in a fcuking box, preferably not one paid for by we taxpayers.
  14. He is waging a one yob war against society and will lose comprehensively.

    His sentence should however include compulsory sterillization.

    As a gift to our children and grandchildren......