Anyone Remember STAR Reservist Training?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by marco_poloroid, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. After leaving the mob in 1987, I got recalled to the colours a few years later to carry out a week long (may have been 2 weeks) training at Blackdown. My employers questioned the necessity of returning to the army, until i told them it was like jury service (cough :D ) and if I didn't go, I could be liable to imprisonment!!

    So kit bag packed, off I trotted, to be met at the gate by the RP staff who seemed to have no idea what to do with us. We seemed to fall between 3 stalls - not regulars, not TA, not Cadet Instructors. Some of the guys who were recalled had been out for years, sporting beards, long hair etc. It was hilarious, as the RP staff and SNCO's had no idea how to handle us, and were sh!t scared of bollocking us. One of our little squad was even a working commercial freightliner pilot, along for the jolly. During an NBC lesson, this guy gets a message on his bleeper, stands up, thanks the instructor and walks out, saying he had some cargo to pick up in Africa somewhere! The instructor was, understandably dumbstruck, and just watched as he walkd out. Quality.

    We wandered around the camp at will, giggling like schoolgirls at the recruits and trying to (and often succeeding) in winding the RP staff up. One gave me a dressing down for having my hands in my pockets, thinking I was a recruit, until I pointed at my two stripes and said "This is like yours, but I've got an extra one!" Hasty retreat... :eek:

    All in all, it was a great spell back in the green, paid by the army and my civvy employers. Drove trucks, fired Gympies (a rarity when I was actually in!!) and had a great laugh. Does anyone else have experience of this? As I understand it, they dropped the idea not too long afterwards (probably because of us!)
  2. Never heard of it but I wish it was still going....sounds like the sort of thing I'd quite like too!!
  3. I am claiming the prize for least interesting/chaddest/most arrse thread posted this year. I am reduced to replying to my ownthread. Oh the indignity :oops:

    By the way, I feel I must have imagined this STAR training thingy.

    Pass me the mess webley :(
  4. Marco, you are not imagining things...

    STAR was the acronym for Scheme for Training Army Reservists. I was only involved with the programming for this project (which selected and sent the invites etc) so know very little about the mechanics!
  5. Marco
    you are not imagining it , i did go to arncott (raoc)(waste of time as i was ex infantry) and watched a couple of videos and got bollocked for not having any kit!!. It was only for a day though , could have been a right fooking hoot if it had been longer :p
    Only ever went once, mind you years ago now and cant really remember fook all !!
  6. Some of my old muckers attended something similar after they jacked it in. They used to have to report once a year, show ID card, have reservist kit checked off, do some ATDs, get a days pay and feck off. This was way back mind hence ATDs.
  7. Yes, I used to do the ARC days too, tip up at an army depot, watch a couple of vids, kit check, then off we go with £120 in the sky rocket. Back in 88 that was very welcome. I actually reported to one with my dad as well, as he was still liable.

    STAR was different, much more involved, but still a great laugh. That's probably why they binned it!
  8. Saw some reservists around 1990 like you... long hair, civvy shirts under wooly pullies.... no one knew how to cope with them.

    They were my inspiration for my own call up (5 YEARS after going civvy!!) to Bosnia NATO thing 2003, I did a good job all day and then ignored the rules all night.

    Silly idea really, nowt to gain from a few days training that you couldn't get from the same tagged on to the beginning of a call-up.

    Looked like good giggles though.
  9. Yeah! The idea was designed for the cold war and a possible short warning scenario in the event of conflict.
  10. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    We had to run one of these at Pirbright in the late 80's, this one ended with a Home defence FTX in the Midlands, Minibusses for apc's etc. Good laugh and most of the guys enjoyed the fortnight ISTR. a couple did try to take the piss a bit but we got a few sent home after 4 or 5 days for messing about with no money at all.....................word got around after that>
  11. Had a few turn up in the Skins about the time of Op GRANBY.

    My next experience of Reservists was an Ex ARRSADE CONFUSION in the mid-90s when we had some attached reservist chefs. One was resplendent in a huge beard (suitable for birds nesting in). Try as the RSM did the chef refused to shave it off as his joining instructions didn't mention shaving.

    There was also one of them who refused to put up & take down tents. Accordingly a gang of my soldiers were jiffed to do so & picked up & carried away the 18' x 24', revealing said chef sitting on a chair GS, reading the paper & smoking his pipe.

    They could cook, though, so we put up with them & somewhat admired thair piratical spirit...