Anyone remember RSMs weekends at Blandford 2000-2001?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sgnsty, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone remember these 'character building' weekends (and on one occasion i think an entire week) that took place around 2000-2001 while I was on my trade course at Blandford? They started when the old razzer got her commission and the new one (H#### K###) decided that we were all tooslack for his liking! Anyone remember any specifics? Ive got vague unpleasant memories of standing on the square for over three hours on a saturday while the badge inspected EVERY SINGLE person in 11 sigs and also of being marched in a squad round the airfield and all round the back of camp. I think some of the lads even complained about it to radio one and it got on the air, which went down like the proverbial shit sandwich!! What were they all about? Someone told me it was because of a tech phase two abusing the badge when they were pissed. Any insights?
  2. I can remember people running aroung on the square by the portakabins whilst dressed in No2s, and didnt someone get a big no need to the RSM of Blandford camp shouted out on radio one? Or was that the RSMs week he did? :?
  3. that was the year i left blandford and green kit for good, although not related to the badge doing his stuff.

    from what i remember he decided the camp needed a major wake up call after the previous razzer as discipline had nose dived and the inmates were running the prison.

    ........and he had a good point...............i remember the ROS getting a right hook from a phase 2 one saturday night and the sprog getting off with it 'cos he was drunk'

    from what i hear people definately woke up (even on a sunday!!!!)
  4. I just remembered while i was at 14 sigs one of the EDs claimed to have been resposible for the weekend by gobbing off at the RSM outside the cookhouse after coming in off the p*ss?
  5. Considering how slack St***** was as an RSM, the place needed it (and I finished my trade course and got posted a few weeks before it all, so it amused me greatly).
  6. didnt some people have to leopard crawl around the portacabins in there 2's as well? nice.
  7. No one leopard crawled anywhere in their twos. That is complete b0llocks.

    The punishments were in response to a number of incidents, of which some I am not that familiar.

    The phase two that gobbed of to the Badge was a tech (I think he streamed to the Ins Tech side). He did it in the sprogs bar.

    The punisments were handed out by both of the RSMs, who HOTOd around that time. Concorde crashed in the weekend of one of them. Not sure about the 9/11 ones as I would hav been long gone by then. Definitly Concorde, as it was included in a breifing during the weekend.

    The radio broadcast was in 2000, the "no need" for the RSM. On or around the Concorde crash. I heard it and thought it funny :D
  8. aaaahhh I remember them well. I was fortunate to be on leave for the RSM's weekend but managed to be there for RSM's week.

    The whole camp was sent back to week one, civvies packed away, posters down, naafi priveldges removed and then dicked about for a week.

    I remember hearing that on the RSM's weekend it was boiling hot when everyone was made to stand on the parade square for a few hours. He even made the pregnant girls and SL&L stand there. Queue muchos fainting and dehydration.

    Can't remember if it was the first or the latter that was caused by some guy gobbing off at the new RSM, not knowing who he was at the time. The other one was our own fault I suppose, we were warned if there was any more 'incidents' especially drunken ones then it would be a week. Somebody had to get drunk and fight down town didn't they.

    Oh how we all loved Blandford.
  9. P.S forgot to add - I remember being sat in the Coma troop room when rumours were floating around about RSM's week about to happen. Everybody was adamant that if he did we would all refuse to soldier. Oh how we bottled out of that one.
  10. I managed to be on leave for the first weekend. Then Missed large chunks of the week one by being an army sports man and being allowed off to train.

    I do remember on the weekend one getting the bus back from poole and 2 lads being on the bus who had been in bournemouth all weekend. The badge had allowed people out the back gate to go running and this to lads had put there going out gear in there bergans and go for a tab as far as the pub out the back of camp where they had a taxi waiting for them.

    Fcuking legends
  11. absolute fcuking legends!!!!!
  12. i was there during that, i was also clearing at the time so i got away with it!!

    after i failed the course i applied for i returned to blandford one year and one month later to start RSop class 3, trouble is everyone was in combats there were no lightweights no bulled boots and not much of a **** around anymore. made me look like a tit because i had told everyone what an absolute pain in the arse being in blandford was like. it was like a holiday resort compaired to the death camp i had made it out to be!
  13. couldn't have said it any better roadster.

    was PS there too.

    them little fcuckers were the bane of my life in that place. saying that, most are still the bane of my life at my current posting too!!!!!!!!
  14. Care to expand on that? Most of the people involved should be LCpl/Cpl/out the army by now so how are they STILL the bane of your life?
  15. Does anyone remember the infamous gun battle at the OK Detmold block.
    (Bottom right hand corner looking from Tampax Towers). I was Orderly SGT that night and had not pissed myself laughing for a long time.
    Anyway the long and short was BB Guns between the two blocks,
    99% of Siggies pissed and everybody denying anything took place
    until one lad comes running up to me (ROS/DSNCO) proclaiming he had been shot in the ass. DSNCO (still wetting himself) by this time joined by Orderly Officer (SSGT a good mate of mine) tells Siggy to present wound.
    Knicks down arse up and doing impression of Private Ryan points to a couple of bruises on his butt and one on his back. Anyway RMP called in
    and most not impressed by lack of marksmanship principles bollocks everybody in sight including me for poor discipline, marksmanship principles etc. Anyway I made my report out and on duties parade the following day in from of the RSM H**** ****, he just glances and says
    "Thats different, duties fallout". Yep sgnsty they are now your leaders.
    Great stuff. Did anything happen to the lads involved?