Anyone remember Ploce camp in croatia in 95

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by toytrain-driver, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. Were You at Ploce Death camp with the U.N.?
  2. when? for the limb-breaking tent erection in strong winds? the heart attack on a run? or the overflowing sewage into the fresh water supply?

    don't remember any of it :)
  3. The RE Plant/Digger falling into a pit of rotten chickens :)
  4. It was a Shitehole with too many nobbers with nothing else to do than feck everyone else around all the time
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  5. Didn't some hapless squaddie find a head lying in the bushes, minus a body circa '95?
  6. Stealing pallets from wherever you could find them to keep your cot above the water line.

    Stealing the Croats flag to see if it pissed them off.

    Cursing the RE for building the camp on a flood plain.

    Great days. :roll:
  7. yep...remember it well. Funniest site was watching a guy kayak from his tent to where he was working....think we got moved out not long after.
  8. I remember seeing the toilets rise out of the ground before toppling over spilling their contents into the lake that was supposed to be the camp.

    Were'nt there a couple of cases of dysentry shortly after ?

    Nice couple nights in a hotel though.
  9. Cardboard became currency, not enough grub, i hammered in every tent spike of that fukc off slop jockey marque, remember the newsletter that was published back home describing the "dining as delightfully alfresco",

    iron man cattle shed showers full of rats, filling sandbags and that nob of an SSM who described the locals as MFI, wading through your own faeces and being asked to show your morphine and pencil on demand, going up to Dole camp was a lot better. anyone else out there from the old Oscar troop , 21 sigs, those were the days.
  10. I was there with 210 sig sqn working in the qm's. That sloppy marquee didn't half go during that storm. We were lucky as our camp was not really affected by the flooding. Hard work and a good laugh but i was well pleased to leave the place. :elephant:

  11. I was in Oscar Tp, 220 Sig Sqn....good to see there are still others around from Laarbruch who remember this tour. Still, the 6 weeks in Bath prior to deploying was bloody awesome!!!
  12. No but I recovered 24 Airmobile from it as things changed to NATO.

    God-awful place and an object lesson in how things have improved on operations in the past few years. The only ray of sunshine is at least we were there legally... :crazy:
  13. I was with 244 Sig Sqn, indeed it was an awesome 6 weeks. Bloody expensive though. Got my first overdraft for it.
  14. No but I remember being stuck back in Colerne and finding out that one of our techs got caught trying to nick a Puma
    Alpha Troop so I'll keep quiet pmsl
  15. I was there with 2 Sigs when the CO had taken the entire Regt and had to send half back as they were never needed.
    Having a shower in a cattle market shed, then walking back to your tent and being covered in down wash by a Puma.
    Having my wagon located right next to the French compound and smelling greasy, garlic ridden french s***e from their cooks trailer.
    Getting cooled off in the fire water butts next to the tents.
    Having to listen to a certain female techs whinging about discrimination (most people will know who I mean) for single parents, then slagging her off to her ex husband (who I did not know was at the time) in the departures at Split Airport.
    Fecking hated the place and thought all future tours would be the same at the time!!