Anyone remember KIPLING?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Randy McStabb, Aug 16, 2013.

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  1. I think it was a data system in the 70s but I might have dreamed it up. Is there a Sigs internet backwater somewhere that I can find out about obsolete CIS?
  2. Made cakes didn't he?
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  3. Told a few stories too from what I can remember.
  4. KIPLING? yeah, used it c. 1996-97.
    Crude widget, allowed you send type set a message , then send in crypto over the CLANSMAN system, which then printed out on a roll of paper like a till receipt.
    Quite advanced for its time, but well past it by the time I played with it.
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  5. I think it was 80s rather than 70s - it was a Tactical Data Entry Device, also known as TDED. I vaguely remember that unlike KL43 there was no in-built encryption, so you used it in conjunction with Batco. I think SF had something similar which plugged into the 319.

    Can't see much on the web about it, but it was definitely around in the mid or late 80s.
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  6. Someone once asked me if I like kipling, i don't know though. I've never kippled.
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  7. Was still in use during Op Telic 1 - It was encrypted as it was day date related and I recall an entire Brigade sending each other challenges that worked fine yet no one could send data to Bde HQ. After a little drive up to see them in person it turned out they were not day date updating.
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  8. We were still using Kipling in 98-00 !
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  9. Surely thats "Mr" Kipling to you.
  10. Yeah, that was always the fun part. You needed to synchronise all the machines, or they wouldn't talk to each other. Which was fiddly.
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  11. used it in Op Telic 1 to send back requests to demand stores
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  12. AAGF


    In that case, Pebbles, have you tried Dickens?
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  13. Just the once. Didn't like it.
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  14. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I fondly recall being in my Dad's local boozer when one of the old boys piped up to his mate:

    "Vernon, what do you think of Kipling?"

    "I don't know, I've never kippled."

    I suppose you had to be there, but it was pant wettingly funny.
  15. It was used on the 321 IIRC? So all challenges were sent in clear. I recall getting a bollocking for sending 'I challenge Charlie Uniform November Tango' having become totally threaders with it.
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