Anyone remember Cpl Tim Drewett?

One for the old timers I'm afraid.

Tim Drewett transferred to the corps from a Guards regiment in 1981 - he and I were on the same course at Ashford. After passing out we went our seperate ways.

Some time later I heard that he had died (summer of 1984) - officially it was an accident but there was talk of suicide.

I only found out about his death after the funeral but Tim had been a good friend of mine at Ashford. I never found out any more.

I have been reading the latest book about NI by Ken Wharton and I remembered some of Tim's stories about his time over the water. It set me to thinking about Tim's death.

Does anyone remember him and can shed any more light on the subject.

PM please, rather than discuss it on-line.

All the best and TIA


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