Anyone recommend a good book on Al Queda?

Can anyone recommend a good book to read on Al-Queda?

"The Base: In Search of al-Qaeda" by Jane Corbin gets a pretty good review on Amazon... very readable although light on analysis...

I'm looking for something fairly detailed - perhaps analysing why Al-Queda emerged? What we know of its structure and how it operates? Strategies for defeating it? I'm not too bothered if its a struggle to read.

Holy War Inc by Peter Bergen is a pretty good primer for where AQ and UBL emerged

I think the Corbin book is a bit light (and no references), and a decent chunk of it seems to have been lifted from Simon Reeve's The New Jackals, which is also good on the history of AQ and its early attacks (1993 WTC etc)

Jason Burke's Al Qaeda is also very good, but perhaps not an an entry text.

Worth bearing in mind that all these books look at AQ as it was before Enduring Freedom/Veritas; it is no longer the same; there is a rump of the old leadership sitting in a cave somewhere in the Hindu Kush, plotting another spectacular; but the real threat may now be from AQ inspired groups or affiliates which take their lead from AQ/UBL's mythology and undertake their own independent operations. Try this for something more up to date - its free as well.
I have just finished my Masters on the subject and recommend the following:

Understanding Islamic terrorsim Patrick Sookhdeo. Isaac Publishing. Read this first, its excellent.

Unholy War - Terror in the name of islam. John Esposito.

The Islamic Threat. John Esposito

Finally dont fail to miss Jason Burkes AQ. Alos, Yusri Foudas book - Mastermind of Terror - is excellent.

Hope this helps
Tri - I had the same question myself a while back, see this thread here

And stop copying me FFS ;-)
Oh b0llocks....

I thought I had seen this before and had used the search engine... however it looks like Flowers knows how to spell 'Al Qaeda' and I clearly don't know how to spell 'Al Queda'....

Thanks all.... will check-out those titles....
Neil Doyle.

Journo type, but quite interesting. Also makes some claim to being a GW1 veteran?

Still not entirely convinced by his books, but a good read all the same.
Some thoughts:

Ali, T. The Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity Verso, LONDON. 2002
Aslan, R. No god but God: The Origins, Evolution and Future of Islam Heinemann, LONDON. 2005
Burke, J. Al-Qaeda: The true Story of Radical Islam Peguin, LONDON. 2004
Devji, F. Landscapes of the Jihad: Militancy, Morality, Modernity. C. Hurst & Co., LONDON. 2005
Kepel, G., [Ghazalaeh, P. trans] The War For Muslim Minds Harvard University Press, LONDON. 2004
Meddeb, A. Islam and its discontents Heinemann, LONDON. 2002
Pape, R.A. Dying to win: The strategic logic of suicide terrorism Random House, NY. 2005
Roy, O. Globalised Islam: The search for a new Ummah Hurst &Co., LONDON. 2002
Scruton, R. The West and the Rest: Globalization and the Terrorist Threat

I've not finished the Pape yet, but it's interesting so far. (and you've got to admire the man for his initials...)

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