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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by BEEZER84, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. Some music to listen to while in the gym
  2. YMCA by the Village People.
  3. I'm going to be the plum that says 'Eye Of The Tiger' :thumright:
  4. You can't go wrong listening to a bit of The Who :thumright:
  5. Depends what ure doing, if your on a treadmill or similar listen to something that has a good beat in time with you on the treadmill. Whatever takes ure fancy really.

    The gym I go has loads of taped stuff off Sky, all that Rap Cr@P, unless you wear big puffer jcks, baseball cap on back to front, loadsa of jewelery, wear sun glasses when its not sunny and talk like a total MONG then its not for you. Most take their own music as they're like me - can't stand all that Rap - RnB mong music.

    BT. :thumright:
  6. Have you tried Perry Como, Tony Bennett and Bing Crosby?

  7. The last music I listened to in the Gym was "We wish you a Merry Christmas" and they passed the plate round for our change.

    It was only a few months ago too.
  8. Disturbed- Down with the sickness
    Prodigy - Firestarter
    Diesel Boy dark drum and bass
    massive attack - angel
    saving me - nickleback
    nirvana - smells like teen spririt

    just a few I listen to when working out

    LOL and ofcourse 'Eye of the Tiger' hahaha
  9. Down with the Sickness is awesome for working out to. I like Darude's 'Sandstorm' as a favourite though.
  10. Foofighters-All My Life
    Linkin Park-In The End
    Tiesto-Adagio for strings

    It all depends what you want really. I find angry music is very good for doing weights but then if you're going running you're far better with faster music such as Tiesto.

    I save 'Hearts of Oak' & 'In the Navy' for maximum effort stuff though! :thumright: :D
  11. GG Allin - Bite it you scum.
  12. Cryptopsy - Slit Your Guts
    Cannibal Corpse - Hammer Smashed Face
    Kataklysm - The Resurrected
    Bolt Thrower - K-Machine
    Exodus - Culling The Herd
  13. Thats one creepy fellow