Anyone recognise this?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ZuluZulu, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. I must be getting on a bit because its nothing I recognise. Any ideas?
    not sure about the bottle of pellets but or the transparent mag. Some sort of pretend paint gun maybe?

  2. This is a wah right?
  3. its an automatic baby orange dispenser... possibly
  4. Look, I was just asked the question. It looks like nothing of my era but the Police are getting in a tizz in the North East. A Journo mate emailed me and asked me what the fark it is. I told him it looks odd to me but I'll ask the question of some people who might know.
  5. OK I'll take one for the team (if it is a wah).

    It's a BB gun, fires the little plastic pellets that were shown in the tube next to it.

    Not a real gun but looks like one from a distance, most are made from plastic.

    Commonly used by Airsoft types (incl many walts).

    Essentially a toy.
  6. By the way, I was able to answer his first question; 'is this an AK47' !!!!
  7. It's a folding stock, close-quarter Uzi 5 mm. Them little fecker sting like a b!tch at about .5 meters.
  8. It's a pretend G36.
  9. It's my bottle of chewable vitamin C.
  10. An automatic Tic Tac dispenser. This variant appears to be filled with the dreaded orange and pineapple variety.
  11. Its a rather nice vinyl floor with a toy gun on it,and a bottle of tesco no frills love beads
  12. Doesn't look like any G36 I've fired.

  13. I though maybe HK Walter gun but I was hoping for something more specific.
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You can also set it for short-burst tic-tac dispensing. Simply place the tube in your mouth, set the selector to '***' and squeeze the button (don't pull it, squeeze it). It helps if you go "gaaaarrrr' with your mouth wide open whilst you dispense as they can just drop out of the tube and get stuck in the front of your teeth.
  15. Granted a toy but get it out on a dark night and wave in the general direction of a police maksman and see who's laughing then.

    The sh1tty thing is, the poor bugger of a marksman will take a hit for not recognising the damn thing!