Anyone recognise this?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Stained_Eligius, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. I found these stripes a few months ago whilst out detecting. The area (2km SW of Hiddesen near Detmold) seems to have been used as a british training area for a time post-war (loads of .303 and 7.62 blank plus UK type trenches). The material is aluminium with brass attachment prongs. Has anyone come across this type of rank badge before? I'm assuming that they are from the 50s or 60s - possibly RP?

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  2. Now I know where the term `Full-Screw`comes from,must have been a right ´ard Bas*a*d :twisted:
  3. they look ..home made.. its the sort of thing chefs..acc, wear on whites
    or my second guess...mso...mojos from the mixed service org..they had quite a habbit of making own badges ect...would also tie in with the location found...
  4. What size are they?

    It looks as if they were screwed to a vehicle,I assume that´s green paint on the back.

    I doubt that vehicles had rank markings instead of call signs,maybe they aren´t to show rank,but direction or to mark a spot;Or perhaps to mark the Corporals mess in the field?
  5. They are the same size as shirt-sleeve order tapes Midnight.
  6. The 'Plot' Thickens.....




  7. could be Predecessor of the armourers and welders tapes
  8. turn it sideways its a homemade route marker
    a chevron of a different kind
  9. Bloody 'ell

    I've been looking for those all over.

    Did you find me wooden arm as well?

    Tilbake, Cpl (Retd.)

  10. Could be household div LCpls. Did you happen to find any crowns to scale in the same area?
    The RHG/D household Cav LCpl's wear metal rank badges, 2 stripes and a crown.
  11. No they don't the threebars wear brass but not that big and not in the field
  12. The material (aluminium) and the paint on the back suggest that they started life as a Landrover wing or other body panel. Having brass welded to aluminium suggests a home-made affair, with the maker initially thought to be a REME tiffy. This thought diversifies into a Sapper welder, though, when you consider that the studs have been bent over (possibly with the application of heat?) when presumably a REME Tiffy would have access to a hacksaw and some nuts.

    As to it's use, I'd guess that it was fastened to a thin bit of timber that has subsequently rotted. This suggests that it was part of a sign, possibly a Cpl's Mess, though I doubt that such establishments existed at that time, so more likely an embellishment at the entrance to a tent and would have sported the occupant's name.

    Just a guess.
  13. Thanks everyone for your comments. I come across obvious British defensive positions or harbour areas every now and again and it's clear that no-one has been over them with a detector since the guys who were dug in there left and moved on.. There is always blank around so it's easy obviously to date the position.
  14. the_butler, only two bars not a three bar (COH) but Lcpl and should have a staybright crown, worn in the field, Both Life Guards and Blues and Royals in Detmold.