Anyone recognise this scum?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Contrarian, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. Despicable low-life whoever he is.
  2. Wantage????

    That's just down the road!!! I'll redistribute this to my colleagues. I hope they catch the b*****d!

  3. To look at he looks like a time served bloke, is that 1 bead under his left eye? (right for the dyslexic among us lol) , hope he gets tracked down by the blues before the reds, cos the red's will give him counselling, and free b+b and money for ale n tabs!!!!!
  4. Looks like Gazza
  5. I assume that it is OK to distribute this onto other Forums?
  6. This chap is disgraceful ,To go and take money which is meant to help our foces is the lowest thing a person can do .
  7. Good skills form Civ Pol.

    Now watch the admin system and the CPS f*ck it up.
  8. Now watch the admin system and the CPS f*ck it up

    Yep can see them running CCTV footage backwards and the guy getting a pat on the back as he is deemed to be returning it to the shop.
  9. I was told this morning that he got arrested and dealt with in Didcot Magistrate's Court.


  10. he should have been dealt with in Didcot Magistrates Court car park, something involving a cordless B+D and a mason master would be appropriate.
  11. Hopefully they will release him on bail for some real justice to be dispensed.