Anyone recognise this bloke ?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by fairmaidofperth, May 10, 2012.

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  1. I normally avoid walt hunts but the following exchange livened up a dull and very humid afternoon in the office.

    A colleague was emailed by an acquaintance, let's call her Gullible Woman, saying she had been chatting to a bloke on an online dating site who said he was in in the Army but wondered if he was genuine.

    Office "Well have you any info on him ?"

    GW "He sent me this"

    Office "Wow, that's a very impressive career. But he doesn't say which regiment/corps. Any other info you can give us?"

    GW "He sent me a photo. He seems to have lots of medals. He said the pic was taken when he went to a ceremony."

    Office "Can you send it to us ?"

    GW "Sure, here it is."


    Office "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .......... "

    We sent her the wiki link to who is really in the picture.

    Do we get a medal for outing the highest ranking walt ? :)
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  2. I was going to offer to chat to your colleague, but one thinks that she must be quite old with saggy tits if she is going for that chap.
  3. No,that's me. My colleague is a very fit 26 year old. Her acquaintance must be of a certain age. Unless she is into older blokes ...
  4. 26 you say? Yes please
  5. Pictures?
  6. I honestly never knew I served in the British Royal Army but hey you learn something everyday!
  7. Very fit 26 year old? Sounds like my kind of woman!
  8. Get ready Fairmaid, you know whats comming next. ??

  9. In my day having a 'scoring name' as an alias was essential to avoid being compromised. Perhaps Gen Dannat is on the prowl for available members of the fairer sex. Bad persec though.