Anyone read about this guy?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ex_donkey_man, Dec 24, 2010.

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  1. Just clocked it in a local paper -

    Soldier injured himself to avoid return to Afghanistan - Stockport Express

    Most of the comments seem to support him and give him a bit of sympathy, Except for Propersentences, who has a fair point. I don't think this as bad as Joe Glenton, as the lad hasn't served long enough to leave, but does point out that he appears to have gone AWOL during his training for the OP.
  2. two ways of looking at this, i feel slightly sorry as hes felt the need to go this far to get away from it however the side of me that would do anything for my mates struggles to comprehend hurting myself so i didnt have to return

    Hopefully he gets the help he needs
  3. Epileptic.
  4. Squeezed that in to the 10 letter rule quite well if I might say so!
  5. On one side of it, he's a total fuckwit for not talking to his welfare officer or somone else. On t'other... he's a fuckwit. Sympathy to him for being made into a nutcase though.
  6. What the **** would you know you no-mark ****? Been there lately?
  7. Touchy are we?
  8. Tell me what qualifies you to comment? You aren't in the NAAFI bar here you bellend.
  9. please tell me you making that comment with the relivant experience behind you! COD or any other playbox game dosnt count
  10. *scuttles back under my rock*
  11. Go scuttle under oncoming traffic on the A96.I know it well, live just over a mile away from it.
  12. Let's face it. He's a coward. There are cowards in the army as there are in any walk of life.
  13. yup but a sick young man who at least went there in the first place! mixed thoughts from myself
  14. You're a bit of a tosser aren't you?
  15. Getting back to the topic! its a tough one really!

    back in the day going AWOL for any reason was a big NO NO regardless of reasons!i wouldnt have dreamt of doing it!
    1.You dont want to let your muckers down
    2.You joined the fooking army and trained to do this shiit
    3.Your surrounded by Muckers and your all fookin bullet proof and bomb proof(thats what you think in your mind)your the creme de le creme

    but on the other side of it i think todays Army lets you think a bit more and question etc etc
    plus you can get your story in the public domain a lot easier!
    He wasnt cut out for Army life is the short of it, so it shouldnt be getting airtime so to speak!