Anyone play poker? - I need help...

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by AliC, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. I am looking to try and get more involved in playing poker and I got an email from poker heaven yesterday telling me there are qualifiers for the British Poker Open on their site this week. Has anyone entered this before and is it a good tournament to enter? I saw it on the poker channel last year and there were lots of professionals playing so would I be out of my depth?
  2. Only one way to find out, mate..

  3. Send a PM to Anya1982. She works for an online gambling company in Cyprus. I believe she's quite the card shark.

    (wonder if she wants to play strip poker?)
  4. agreed. i've not played casino poker but it all comes down to 'jumping in' at the end of the day

    I was told that a decent casino or competition player is someone who folds quickly on a bad hand .....and is 'honest' with him/herself (ie. understands their own weaknesses better than the competition)

    what game will you play? texas / 8 / hi-low?
  5. Anyone know any free online Poker sites where I can learn to play poker with out gambling cash, the wife or the dog.

  6. Apparently there is software you can get now that will play a number of hands for you online and will run 24/7... saw an article on it and this guy gave up work as he was earning twice as much through that!!
  7. skjold lets you play as a guest with monopoly money for as long as you like.
  8. ...and hes selling the software right?
  9. i think lets you practice. All comps are fair game as long as your playing tournament. Nearly got into it in a US visit this christmas, but they woudln't let me play as i didn't have my passport with me (to join the club)

    am very fond of texas hold'em though, spent most of xmas trying to teach the inlaws!!!

  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor - allows you to play for money or for free - look around the site for free games but you usuually have to book a place a hour before the game starts. You will be playing on-line with other people.

  11. its the best one IMHO...some of the highlow games do my nut in...thats said, i've not been playing long

    i'm about to graduate to the 20p big league! thats REAL money! LOL