Anyone planning to join the British army this year?

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by Kaizer_Von_Afrika, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. From what I hear and read on theses forms the army if "full" till about March 2010 unless you go for inf or chef.
    So is any one going to join this year if so what's you job choice and what will you do in the waiting period?
  2. well me and a mate will be moving over in Jan next year to join, probably INF or rac recce. and you?
  3. Will try for sapper or Inf
  4. what visa are you planning on getting?
  5. If you join this year you will be joining the Royal Regiment of Scotland or Fusiliers.
  6. A visitors visa
  7. I hope to be going over near the end of the year.. just gathering the required finances...
  8. awesome, what trade are you looking at? And btw where is everyone looking at staying when your over there?
  9. same here...about November'ish.
  10. Apparently trades are limited to commonwealth recruits, so im unsure of that right now... can anyone clarify on that??

    It is now a requirement to have a "sponsor" i have a couple friends in the UK permanently which i will approach closer to the time.. the sponsor does not have to accomodate you but merely act as a point of contact... but hopefully i can make a plan for accomodation with one of them...

    Another requirement being that you must be able to support yourself for between 4 - 6 months which current guidlines indicate 500 pounds per month which works out to be about R40 000 so surely temporary accomodation can be found? for the duration of selection?

    Awesome, have you made any plans yet? where about you from?
  11. Yip, pm me with your email address and i will forward a email to you which i got but here is the jobs currently availible:

    Royal Artillery
    Infantry Soldier (Male Only)
    Royal Armoured Corps Soldier (Male Only)
    Royal Logistic Corps Chef
    Royal Logistic Corps Logistics Specialist (Supply)
    Royal Engineer Resources Specialist (only those with a high level of spoken and written English will be considered for this job).

    This list is only current as of today and may change if less vacancies are available.

    Yeah things can work out really expensive so it would be wise if you can crash at your friends place or something
  12. I would most probably go with Royal Armoured Corps Soldier if the above mentioned position are only available at the time, will have to see when the time does come though. for now im only focusing on getting myself fit enough for the physical requirements i dont want to go in worried if ill amke it through or not, i need to be 100% confident, and obviously getting all the finances together.

    Oh.. Mr.Sniper check your PM.
  13. Today I started the formal application process hope to go over about November / December
  14. Good luck! hope it all works out for you, You should detail your application process as it progresses on here for the rest of us planning on going in the near future... What you think?
  15. yeah that would be much help to everyone else on here looking for more info, im off to home affairs tomorrow to apply for my passport then when i get it im too going to start with the application process