Anyone owning up?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by slipperman, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. R SIGNALS taking a bit of a hammering (and rightly so :oops: ) in the NAAFI Bar over what appears to be a TA officer in rag order on a pass out parade at Sandhurst. What an own goal!
    Anyone out there who knows the bag of sh*t, and able to take him to one side for a bit of personal grooming education would be appreciated.
  2. He does need a word in his shell like. I just hope that the poster of the original pic isn't in the same regiment.
  3. I can assure you as the original poster I am NOT of the same Regiment or even Corps for that matter

    We have Pride in our Corps
  4. Erm, that one is better dressed than a couple of newly commissioned TA RSigs officers on the last PQO course. I suppose they have the excuse of only being in the TA for two minutes and have been commissioned for their ICS knowledge and are only likely to ever command LINUX/Windows/routers etc.

    (If I find the ARRSE thread I'll post a link, I think it was on the TA forum - I might have started it :) )
  5. I think it was this photo (at least the medics take the flak of Sigs for a short while)

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  6. What Corps is that, troll?
  7. Seems to be made up for RAMC, Gay Nursing Corps and the Drunken Signals Regt.
  8. You aren't trying to say that whatever Corps you're in doesn't have a few scruffy gets. You can hardly condemn a corps/regiment on the lack of sartorial elegance of an individual, if that's the case you'd better condemn the whole army navy and air force.
  9. 570mils.
    Fair enough raising this one in the NAAFI bar and as I said on that thread, it is indefensible. The individual concerned deserves all the sh*t that is heading is way.
    However, that doesn't apply when you come onto the Sigs Forum and imply that your "Corps" is 100% all singing and dancing. Like Craftsmanx has said, no cap badge can say they don't have their own share of pigpens or admin vortexes. I have no doubt your own cap badge has its own examples, so get down of your high horse.
  10. Half of those guys ain't even wearing service dress. Slightly different pattern to 2s. That medic is a severe tramp though.
  11. Yep I think they were given the kit shortly before the parade, normal TA now do the parade in Blues.
  12. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    As are those twernts wearing RTR hackles and Guards greycoats.
  13. So we are all pretty much agreed that they are all scruffy fcukers, and 570 Mils is a troll.
  14. A shocking turnout by all accounts. I wonder if the instructors of those young lads are cringing now. Sandhurst, what a centre for excellence. It looks as if the budgeteers are getting to the core of the Officer trg centre. My God, what now!

    My Regiment doesnt have any No2s. We have a pool of the kit in Edinburgh, an absolute disgrace!

    But hey, who am I to steal the UGL rounds from the guys that need it.
  15. Fair comments and I shall apologise here, cheap shot and all that.

    Sadly my own bretheren can certainly suffer for the looks. A few have SD that fits where it touches and thats about it. I over genrealised but were all guilty of that one, getting back in box and off back to the NAAFI.

    The odd Service dress seen on the PQO's is the new pattern No2/SD for all ranks being introduced across the army, you'll see far more of that in the months to come.

    Once again my apologies