Anyone Own Up to Being This Young Man?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sven, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. "It's amazing to think that he was inspired by his choice of wallpaper as a two-year-old."

    If his wallpaper influenced him, what the hell is MY son going to end up like when all he had on his walls at the age of 2 was those little chit-chat lizardy things you get in Brunei. A crocodile wrestler?!!?!?!??
  2. My bedroom wallpaper was decorated with scenes from a Belgian brothel, 105mm Light guns and whisky bottles...hmmm, maybe there is something in this?
  3. I too experienced chit chat creatures in HK, maybe my destiny is not with the forces?! I might go the same route as Steve Irwin. WIthout the sharp end.
  4. I had rocking horses and teddy bears on mine...
  5. My bedroom walls were covered in green mould. Hmmm, might be something to this little theory after all.

  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I had graffiti and p!ss on my walls - I should be a bum now.
  7. Mine now are genrally covered in naked ladies throwing themselves at me.... or is that my dreams rather than my walls?!!?
  8. My wallpaper consisted of the Guinness Toucan,, Kyrghystani 'ladies', lots of ships and the odd rugby ball or two...

  9. At one point I'm sure I had the bloody moomins on one wall (very quickly replaced with racing cars and planes IIRC)
  10. Household Division for you me'thinks...
  11. How many crates?! :twisted:
  12. Does that mean you're a pads brat Bugsy? That sounds like all the corners of all the outside walls in my quarter in Dodesheide, Osnabruck... Horrible damp jerry built houses!
  13. Obviously bog standard Ikea then :D
  14. My room was decorated with smut. Loads of open shot minges and hairy furburgers and lots of other p0rn. The only thing it ever inspired me to do was have a w4nk. Like now.