Anyone own a Garmin Forerunner GPS watch?

I am looking to by a GPS watch for monitoring routes, times etc and this one seems quite common, question is are they any good and would you recommend one?
I got a 305 for under £100 from amazon and I love it. Big simple screen, I can choose what it tells me, and if you can be bothered to programme it properly, it can also guide you around your route. Only drawback is that it takes a while to acquire the GPS signal.

My training (and racing) is considerably better for it.
Thanks Alfred, was not sure if they were worth it or not, am just starting longer runs and want something that will help with times and mapping.
I used the software that came with it - a bit basic, but then I know where I'm running, I just wanted to view times/effort etc.

If you want one that tells you to turn left/right/go ahead I suspect there are better ones on the market.
I've just bought the soleus 1.0, basic gps watch, pretty happy with it for what I need, time distance and pace, only down fall your unable to upload your runs
If you're only after mapping and timing and have a Blackberry or iPhone then GPSed Pro is well worth the tenner. I use mine for running and hiking, easy to upload to the web and you can choose to share it publicly or not.
If you're only after mapping and timing and have a Blackberry or iPhone then GPSed Pro is well worth the tenner. I use mine for running and hiking, easy to upload to the web and you can choose to share it publicly or not.
I have runtastic on my blackberry and it is OK but it isn't visible if in my back pocket
For logging walks and runs I sold my garmin because for me my phone does a better job using the FREE android app MAP MY RUN.

If you need the convenience of glimpsing at your wrist for directions etc then stick with the Forerunner, cadence monitoring helps with the accuracy of the workout with Garmin. the map my run program uses the mapping info for altitude changes etc.
I've got Imapmyrun (linked to the website mapmyrun) for android phone (they do an Iphone app as well). I have GPS on, but works fine picking up wifi signals. It is accurate and I suppose it depends how often you look at it. The app can tell you every mile (possibly less) how far you've covered, your time so far, average speed and average pace per mile.
Good item, unless you feel the urge to look at it every 10 secs or so.

Edited to add: Beat me to it Bollockchops! I suppsoe you could get a mobile holder that has a clear front as well, just raise your arm, unlock the screen adn it's there. You can play your tunes and then go in to the app, best of both worlds (doesn't go through that much battery for both apps running either)
I use a 310xt and it's brilliant,very accurate and simple to use,google D.C.Rainmaker for a lot more info mate.
Im afraid that the expensive garmin and polar type gps watches have had it now that free mobile phone apps are available. I fancied one of the the forerunner watches as well but against a free app its a no brainer.

I use endomondo on my blackberry, its free and ten seconds after pressing stop on the phone it will have uploaded to the web with graphs maps and more.

Having said that I have mates who have forerunners etc and they swear by them, horses for courses, only drawback apart from the price is the size of the garmins, if you have a thin wrist they are a bit big.
I hate mapmyrun on my iphone.

As an indication, I'll be checking my garmin every 30 secs or so for the first 4 or 5 mins of a race (to stop the mad chicken rush) and then I'll look at it every half mile or so. There maybe some runner who know exactly what a 6:55 pace feels over lots of different types of terrain, I'm not one of them. I couldn't have got my PBs on my 2.4km (8:47) or 10 miles (68:44) without it.
I would highly recommend a Garmin. The software is fairly basic but I understand that there are other compatible versions you can download.
I have a Garmin 410 and think it's great - has helped my running no end, and also keeps my geeky little brain happy. Tried the phone app crap, and wouldn't use that, it's a PITA and the Garmin gives you loads more. Would echo the recommendation to google DC Rainmaker, he tests and blogs most GPS watches that come onto the market. Well worth a read before parting with your hard earned.
Thanks all, will check out DC Rainmaker and read and inwardly digest. I like it when ARRSE can be helpful.
Mate the 405CX is the way ahead. Fully customisable screens so you can set a virtual training partner for the pace you want to run at, set heart rate zones, how the data is laid out etc. Plus it comes with HRM for calorie calculations, and is compatible with a cadence monitor for cycling. The GPS signal drops in quickly even if you move countries. Down to about £125 and worth much more than that. the only thing you can't do is use it for swimming if you want to get into tri.
I bought a Garmin 305 about a year ago and thought it was great. I used either the Garmin site or mapometer for logging my runs and it was great to see the time/distance/effort stuff so easily displayed. You'll notice I used the past tense....the MO has since told me my knees are fucked and running is a complete no-no - bastard. So the Garmin is sitting in my desk drawer - want to make me an offer?
I've owned a Forerunner 305 for 3 years now - by no means a 'big' runner but big fan, even used it for a triathlon and skiing (just wanted to see how fast I actually got downhill!). The Fitness Centre software is basic - but if you have 'Mapsource' as well, you can mess about with routes and all sorts.

Well worth it getting. There are more modern ones now but it's more than fit for purpose.

I've a 405 with the heart monitor and it is pretty good. The GPS can take an age to lock into the satellites but once it does the resolution is a lot better than you'd expect. I use it most when refereeing to monitor my performance and it's pretty informative replaying your movements on their application (uses google earth). I've got a lot from it although the battery does not last that long when you are using the GPS functionality.
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