Anyone opened a bank account in the Republic of Ireland, but signed forms in the UK?

For business reasons I need to open a Euro account in the RoI.

I've been trying to find a bank in England that has a tie-in with an Irish bank so that I can sign the forms in England, saving a trip to the RoI.

I just can't find a bank that can do this, so would appreciate a heads-up if anyone has been down this road before.


I have a current account with the Bank of Ireland, however, I was a resident over there when I opened it. I had to supply proof of address within the RoI and supply them with a PPS number. (Similar to our National Insurance number)

Back home in the UK now, but I have kept the RoI account open, (I still have money being paid into it) and like you, I couldn't find a UK based bank that has any tie ins, but I have heard that although it takes longer, (credit checks on your UK bank take fecking ages) you can open an Irish account with a UK address, but you will have to visit an Irish bank in person.

It was all a bit of a 'mare initially mate.
Allied Irish, if memory serves me correctly, have a branch in Berkley Square. Unsurprisingly they also have, or certainly used to have, one in Kilburn.
Look up the web site of both Allied Irish and B of I, they should have their UK branches listed. Open the account in the UK then transfer it to the Republic.
Allied Irish are also in Uxbridge in West London. I don't have a clue about opening a ROI bank account though.
Bank of Ireland operations in NI are under Bank of Ireland UK; you could worse than give them a go


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Ulster Bank operate on both sides of the border and are part of (IIRC) RBS group.
I have a LLoyds TSB offshore Euro account. Forms etc completed in UK can take sterling and euro payments in, use it in Germany
Ahh LLoyds TSB is Isle of Man

Tel No 08458501850


LLoyds TSB Offshore Ltd
PO Box 12 Pereril Buildings
Peveril Square
Isle of Man
IM99 1SS

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