Anyone on the PARA INSIGHT COURSE this weekend coming 10-12 DEC??


Anyone else on here going?? I am and im really excited actually, heard its great fun and a good laugh jsut hope this poxy snow dissapears before hand. If anyones going drop me a message! :)
Don't worry about bunks. You get a room with an en-suite bathroom.
I said Bonk - i.e: shite. Not bunk.

The accommodation was pretty hagrid though. Some block in Horseguards Bks in Colchester that obviously hadn't been cleaned for about 10 insight courses and there were bits of old kebab and pizza in the heaters that made the whole place smell like a student squat.
Great, nothing like the smell of rotting kebab on a radiator to brighten up the day! Im going there tonight so Ill let you know what I think anyway!