Anyone on here meet Osama Bin laden?

We all know that Cuddles was the second man on the balcony, Tropper66 lit the blue touchpaper that launched Appolo 11, that Whet has been engaged in meaningful employment for his entire working life, but has anyone on Arrse ever met Osama Bin Laden?
Did Trooper not help defeat those pesky Russians along side Osama Bin Lid? My missus has a beard downstairs that looks like Bin Lids beard, does that count?
You want to get your missus to get that downstairs Bin Laden muff shaved.....or at least permed....otherwise every time you **** her, your mind will be filled with images of ******* Bin Ladens dead head.
When I worked in Saudi his brother owned our office building!

Now I am not saying that I am on that photograph but OBL is and it was a while ago..
As I was handing my two roe buck heads to the taxidermist this morning the American military attache came in with a blood stained rag bound bundle in his hand. I'm not sure if it was bin lid's swede but it kept nodding towards Mecca.
It was a cold and windy Kabul night when........
I saw him last week.
Do you know, I'm sure it must have been something I said, because he looked rather glum when I waved him goodbye.
I've got an interview with him next week.
Seems his CP needs tightening up.It should be a very lucrative gig.I am so confident of getting the contract,I have re-mortgaged my house to finance my end of the deal.


I`ve just bumped into him in a Bradford newsagents buying 40 fags and a copy of Razzle, I knew that story about his demise was bollocks.


I've seen his new mate Nemo!
Ossie has jut been round to our gaff to bring my porn's back

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