Anyone on a Virgin mobile tarrif?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by brettarider, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. If anyone is on a Virgin Mobile tarrif gies a shout I'll add you on to a discount plan and get you 255 off your monthly bill
  2. I am and am about to get a new phone with a new contract, how do we get this discount?
  3. Nice gesture but not very handy unless you live within 100 metes of one of there 3 signal masts.
  4. Should live round here, its the only one you can use without hanging out of the bedroom window or standing in the middle of the street.
  5. I thought it's me or are virgins mobile contracts very pricey? Even phone's like the s2 are still £24 on there Starter pack. Other networks are giving this phone out on £15 a month.

    I am only stating as im with virgin and my contract runs out soon but with prices like these, i am going to go some where else which is a shame because i have had a hassle free 2 years with them.
  6. Threaten to leave and see what they come back with: cut my sim only deal in half.
  7. My contract with them runs out next month. I shall be ringing them shortly to see what they can offer me, if it's not good enough they can stick it. Trying to look at your account on line is a bloody nightmare the site is always down.
  8. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I'm just about to switch back after 2 years with O2. Been offered an Xperia Z with unlimited, minutes,texts, date, including calls to 0800 0808 0845 numbers plus free ins with next day replacement phone for £36 a month.
  9. My biggest grip is they dont give an option for 0 cap on the kids phones and will only set the cap at 75 quid. Bastards broke my phone which only went in for a dodgy battery and buggers broke my phone saying I had dropped it. Even the lad at the store who sent it off was shocked and HQ wouldn't budge from the tech report even though the store said it was fine before. Cable bb and tv fine mobile phones never again.

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