Anyone off to Pirbright on May 12th (Basic)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by henrythompson98, May 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Is there anyone from the boards starting basic at Pirbright on 12th May?

    A weird question, but I'll ask anyway and take the flak. When I was at ADSC a few week back, everyone there were lean and quite ripped, whereas I was on the heavier side (bit fat TBH).

    Is this what the average recruit is like, slim and lean?
    Should I expect to be made fun of during basic?


  2. Alrite mate i just passed selection and im going to pirbright but i dont know when i find out tomorrow lol i was the same at selection. Im 12 stone a 5 ft 10 inch and a bit flabby around the sides, but dont worry its nothing tht the army wont get you to loose, cosidering all the exersise. Lol i will let you know if im going to pirbright tomorrow mate
  3. Henry, I'll be going 12th May, getting nervous now, but I'm looking forward to it.

    Regarding your physique, don't worry about it, it's mostly genetics that determine your overall build etc... Not everyone can look like conan the barbarian, as long as your eating right and exercising then you should be fine.

    I suspect everyone will get the 'piss' taken out of them at some stage for various reasons, just take it on the chin and laugh it off.
  4. Ubersoldat, had to reply mate. Genetics don't decide whether you eat too much or exercise to little.

    I am also flabby because i didn't watch what i ate and didn't exercise for 4 months.

    Just keep on exercising, keep on eating right and you will be lean and fit before you know it!
  5. I think he meant build rather than diet and exercising habits ;)
  6. Genetics play a very important role in everything, although I did comment on 'build', as I say we can't all be Arnie irrespective of how much positive thinking we do, some people build up easier than others - genetics, some people are naturally fitter than others - genetics, we can improve if we put the work in, some people get better results than others - genetics.

    Luck of the draw unfortunately.
  7. well put Ubersoldat! I like your style.
  8. argggg why is their only a handful of people going on the 26th.....
    just under 3 weeks now and excited but shitting it with anxciety.
  9. People have seen your body. We warned, your identity isn't safe without a shirt on :wink:

    I'm just under 6 foot and I weigh near on 14 stone too, it's just down to your body type. I guess you've heard of endomorph, ectomorph and mightmorphing power-rangers? Well basically you're either skinny build with really high metabolism, muscular with medium to high metabolism, or podgey with relatively low metabolism*. Don't worry so much!

    *Metabolism = how "quick" you burn off fat or use up energy.
  10. Well im 5ft just under 11inches

    and im just under 14st

    So a bit flabby around the sides yes, but getting fitter, and able to pass selection im sure!
  11. Unless you share a room with a bunch of gays(or *Royal Engineers) I doubt anyone will take too much notice of your body :lol:

    * The user 'Royal Engineers' not the corps of Royal Engineers.
  12. Change your surname to Pile. Oh the irony.
  13. [/quote]*Metabolism = how "quick" you burn off fat or use up energy.[/quote]

    I thought metabolism was how quickly your digestive system processed things.
  14. i understand your worries mate but im the opposite, tall and very skinny, i would rather be like you haha. but i doubt everyone is lean and ripped.
    anyway the army will make you into a soldier i.e. mentally and PHYSICALLY, so in your case you will probably lose weight and in my case i will probably gain weight.
  15. I agree to that ToonArmySoldier. I'm of similar and am sure I will benefit in the same as yourself.